Why do YOU think you’re single?


So being single for a while, I decided to go on a research quest. A quest based on a question I got recently asked.

This was my recent question posted on Facebook: I’m doing research for my next blog article. It’s a question I got asked and now I’m asking you. If you don’t want to comment, feel free to inbox me your views.

You’re late 20s, early 30s, independent with a booming career. You’re just about sipping your coffee ready to shine today, and that thought lingers – “why didn’t your date text you?” or “how will i know if he/she likes me?” or “why are you always the bridesmaid, never the bride” – With those thoughts swimming around in your mind, my question to you is: WHY DO YOU THINK YOU’RE SINGLE?

Now, before I carry on, please note, that the question wasn’t “why are you single” because I know that you’re amazing and wonderful and every person’s dream. We all know that. My question was “why do YOU think you’re single?” Like sit and think about it and ask yourself, “why?” I’d like to know why I am. Not that I’m unhappy but at 31, independent, divorced, single mom to an amazing kid, I’m just curious.

When I posed the question I offended a lot of guys about girls being full of crap and playing games, forgetting that it takes two to make anything to possibly work. But the brave (and I thank you for that) were happy to answer me. And the answer seemed to be the same across the board: they are scared and this results in low self-esteem. Scared of what? Rejection? Well here’s news for you – rejection can be experienced and received both ways. I don’t even know how to comprehend that. So please tell us, scared of what?

Also guys, please tell me when did it become about women financially maintaining you? Did we not all attend varsity, have careers and earn a living? Also if you’re scared she is making more money than you, why are we being to blamed? We hustle just as hard as you do, sometimes even harder to prove we can do it. #justsaying

Girls responded with – High standards and most importantly they don’t want to waste their time tired spending my time building up meaningless relationships.

Well ladies, let’s first debunk that “high standards” theory – if you have high standards set for a guy, and make sure you can maintain your high standards without a guy. Example – it’s no point in expecting him to give you a Kardashian life if you can’t event give that to yourself.

I’m 31 and back in the dating game. So please can someone tell me, when did our generation of dating become so bleh?

These are my questions:

  1. What happened to – if you like each other, you tell the person and take the risk and try your hand at a relationship?
  2. Why the mind games?
  3. Why the indecisiveness as to what you want? Life is black and white, not these 50 shades of messed up where people enter a realm of confusion after date 1.
  4. Why waste each other’s time? Please tell me this…why? why? why?

Think I’m the only one with this issue? Well besides alot of my girl friends, and men and women I know, check this video out that and see for yourself. This is what it’s like – for real…


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