Welcome to my blog!

So this is my blog! “hi”…

It’s been something I’ve been planning to do a while… My name’s Ulpha, I’m a single mom to I reckon is one of the coolest kids ever. Her name’s Amra and she’s 2.


We live in Cape Town and love it. No two days are alike for us. This is our epic journey to life, love and everything in between. In case you’re wondering, her dad and I split up on her 1st birthday. But that’s all that really matters regarding it.

My likes: fashion, shoes, bags, perfume, sunglasses, photography, cooking, baking, reading, blogging, socializing and laughing…

Her likes: fashion, mommy’s high heels, mommy’s bags, cartoons, posing for selfies, perfume, lipstick, her two uncles Umar and Imaad, and being really good at being cute…

So come along with us. Who knows what you can expect? I surely don’t.


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