To share or not to share…

So i recently did something that sent my Facebook page on the crazy. I revealed something new that’s happening in my life…


Apparently it’s not official until it’s FB official. And after much discussion, we made a mutual decision to go public. Not for reasons of over sharing but for these simple reasons really:

  • Everyone deserves happiness and a happily every after
  • It’s all about Amra and ensuring her happiness. A happy kid = a happy mommy! And I chose someone who would happily move mountains for her without blinking an eye. And his main concern was her too…
  • And the best words of wisdom I can offer to anyone on my new relationship or any relationship really is: 



While i was bombarded with questions (from friends and family) of who he was, what he did and for how long, the best information is not sharing any information at all.

So what does that mean for Single Mom in the City:

  • I’m still single mom in the city, just with a bit of more adventures. 
  • I still have a daughter that is showing me whose boss just now with a little bit of extra cuteness. 

Looking forward to many more adventures. 



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