The single girl’s network

So I’m a single mom. Two things are very different in that sentence. I’m single and i’m a mom. I was searching around in Cape Town and I realised there are no networks or events or groups that positively are there for single ladies and single moms.

I’m not talking about: a bitch group or a group where we can decide who’s kid is better but rather a place where single ladies and single moms can get together once a month – whether as a mom or as singleton where we can have a safe place and just have a good time. With spa days, inspirational talks, makeovers, movie nights, etc, play groups, it really is by time we have a time out in the beautiful mother city.

So while life may be busy and juggling life and kids may get the better of you, know there is are out there, like me, who are keen to organise meet-ups in Cape Town.

Should you be keen to be part of the first event, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Just comment in the blog or drop me an email and we can make it an awesome time.

Much luv


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