The journey from within

Once upon a time there was girl who for a long time she felt like something was missing – almost like a  missing piece of a puzzle. At times she was exhausted, short-fused and eventually it came crashing down – she was burned out.  This is her journey to the day she truly found herself.

Ah look at her, cheerful, sociable and confident. She was never like that. Or maybe she was on the outside, but inside she was breaking down, one day at a time. To her, life was playing this cruel joke and she was being tugged along at the strings like a mere puppet. She doesn’t know where it all began. Or maybe she does, and got so great at pretending that she blocked the exact day out of when she lost herself.
But one thing was certain, she could see how people relished when they saw her in despair. She was dumb to let her affect her, and she hid it well, but it affected her health and you could say her on a whole.
No spa treatment, no matter how exclusive and expensive fulfilled her long term. No materialistic item she bought, fulfilled her long term, only ever short-term. Just once, she wanted to experience the “inner peace” everyone was so fondly speaking about. She had everything money could buy but she still felt lost, empty and incomplete.
She didn’t have it all – her foundation was gone, her roots were disturbed, because along the way of life, she lost complete trust in those nearest and dearest.
She loved and loves her husband and her kids and her close friends were her family and to her that’s all that mattered and still only does.
Her mind and body, no matter how she tried, was at a constant war with each other and she didn’t know what to do. Her brain felt like a ball of fuzz. She loved her job but felt she wasn’t giving it her 100% and had no idea how to get back to that zesty person she was.
While on a trip to Zanzibar and away from the noise of life and home, she came to realization that if she wanted inner peace, she needed to be at ONE with her mind, body and most importantly her soul.
She discovered this intriguing science called kinesiology and after putting it for some time, she finally made the decision to go for a session…and her life changed forever.
She found the missing piece of her puzzle. She was confused at how it all happened. But before her very eyes, her mind, body and soul were connecting and she was in shock. To this day, she’s still very confused of how it happened – because it defies all that she knows and how she applies logic and strategy to all aspects of her life. Mumbo jumbo crap isn’t her style. But her mind was open.
  • Suddenly, she could declutter her mind and immediately started decluttering her life.
  • She saw toxic people for their toxic selves and removed them from her circle.
  • She saw how people purposefully did whatever they could to cause disruption in her life (and that of her small family) and instead of retaliating in an an explosive manner (like she did before), she rather watched as how karma was returning the favour of their horrid ways unto them.
  • She realised materialistic happiness is short lived and the fulfillment was short-term and rather, not at all fulfilling
  • She had no attachment to people – and she didn’t feel bad about it.
  • She only wanted to surround herself with people who valued her and small family instead of using them for their own gain or purpose.
  • She also realised – she owned no one an explanation for her change in her and her change towards them.
  • People who tried to push her down now, she laughed and actually pitied them for the misery they carried.
  • She finally understood the quote by Rumi – “I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within“.
  • People’s guilt was not her guilt – people’s downfalls and life choices were not her downfalls and life choices – people’s mistakes were not her mistakes – and she wasn’t going to accept anything less.
  • She wasn’t put on this earth to bear peoples brunts or be any one’s punching bag because she was seemed as nice and naive… and peoples assumptions about her was there own fault.


She was and suddenly is still very happy. She feels it from within. You can tell if you met her – many have met her and many tell ask her what’s her secret.
If she never had kinesiology in her life, she knew she was going to venture down the path of depression. Her happiness shows in her smile, in body, her attitude, her mind and her soul. She doesn’t miss those removed from her life but instead she cherished those who are present. What and who doesn’t spark joy in her life, she removes.
She is a better person because of kinesiology.

She is ME, and I am HER!

Thank you to my kinesiologist, Fadwa, who helped me in more ways than I ever thought possible and continues to help me in more ways that I can ever imagine…for that, I am eternally grateful and thankful for.
If you’re keen to have a session with Fadwa, her contact details are below:



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