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The creator behind the brand: Opulence.Africa


With the rise of modest fashion hitting international runways, it’s impossible to open your Instagram account without being hit by some amazing local fashion gracing your screens all in bright array. While the market may have space for all, some people are just gifted in bringing in their unique flair…pretty much like a breath of fresh air and color to the market.

One such fashion brand is Opulence.Africa.

Creative genius behind the brand is Fadwa Booley Cozyn.

An ordinary girl going the extra mile to do extraordinary things

Tell us how Opulence came about?

Opulence has been a dream for about 20 years, a dream to source silks the world over especially India. I have always loved silk fabric and beautiful hand embroidered pieces. I used to tell my mom fresh out of fashion design school… My dream is to fly to India to buy those beautiful silk embroidered Kashmir jackets and coats.

What fashion experience do you have?

I come from a downline of tailors and dressmakers. I have been sewing since the age of 12 years old; I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I graduated from Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design in Stellenbosch in 1998.

What inspires you?

My passion for natural fabrics especially silks, classy and timeless designs, the feel of fabric on my skin, modest pieces, originality and being authentic. Loving what you do and loving who you are will exude in what you wear.

Why did you decide to create the brand?

The Brand was Divine, I was invited to India by clients for my other business – Mobile Therapies and decided to source silk, leather and cotton items especially scarves, pajamas and leather handbags. The name Opulence was whispered over and over in my ear while I was on my way from Delhi to Agra. I even saw a vision of black and gold and the cursive font for my logo.

What do you think makes your fashion brand unique?

I don’t follow the latest trends, I wear and sell what resonates and feels good, whether it’s the design or the feel of fabric and having the ability to buy timeless pieces such as raw silk, soft silk, fine silk, pure cotton and genuine leather. My whole idea was to add the touch of luxuriousness and class to any outfit and look like a million bucks. Class inspired, Beautiful you – is our motto.

What do you consider the important facets of your brand?

Quality, comfort, stylish, classy, accessible and affordability.

Describe your clientele?

Clients are from all walks of life especially those who love to feel opulent.

What’s your favorite fashion pieces?

Everything hehe… If I was forced to choose I would say our silk scarves, embroidered jackets and coats, pajamas, reversible jackets and leather handbags.

How do you choose the Opulence pieces?

The product needs to catch my eye, then I will touch and feel the product by running my hands over it; I will hold it against my body, close my eyes and feel if it resonate and feels good, I then put it aside to buy it. I do this with each and every item. I usually spend a few hours in one shop. It’s all about the look and feel.

Describe a typical day for you?

Waking up extra early and doing Tahajjud (early morning prayers) this is my meditation time, then Fajr (our first prayers of the day) listen to audiobooks or motivation clips I then open Instagram and Facebook and post motivation on Mobile Therapies. Respond to questions from clients, go over Kinesiology bookings for the day. Help get my 3 children ready for school and once they leave, I make my way to my therapy room and attend to my clients. During my break I will attend to online Opulence orders. Supper and family time. Basically a typical day of a mom.

Describe your personal style?

My personal style is the classics. I love denims, a well fitted shirt. I love my leather pumps. So I focus on comfort. I believe the scarf and bag makes the outfit. Stylish and sophisticated.

If you could dress 3 celebs who would it be and why?

I would say powerful, passionate and influential woman

  1. Oprah – I respect her, she’s passionate and she’s a great influencer and she dresses quite modest.
  2. Siba Mtongana – she’s always so classy and comfortable whilst cooking – also she’s very passionate.
  3. Jeannie D – I love her fun personality and style and she has such a down-to-earth nature.

What fashion pieces from your brand do you think any girl have for summer and why?

Our cotton and linen shirts, our silk scarves, leather bags and our light weight silk pashminas for the cool evenings.



Check out all her latest beautiful chosen pieces on Instagram and get in contact with Fadwa if you have any queries.

You will not be disappointed.


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