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The 1st Panache Women of Wonder Awards is coming to Cape Town

The 1st Panache Women of Wonder Awards is coming to Cape Town and if you’re wondering why I’m so excited is because I am one of the recipients’ of this prestigious awards.

Imagine my shock when I received an email from CEO at Panache, CEO and founder of the WOMEN OF WONDER AWARDS, Farzana Mayet who told me I was up for an award but it wasn’t a nomination but I was a recipient of the award.

About the awards:

The WOW (Women of Wonder) Awards brings together power and influential women who have succeeded in their professional and personal lives, and who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative and integrative efforts in achieving success at personal, national, and regional levels, to deliberate on ways of inclusion and empowerment of women in the mainstream economy through skills development, enterprise development, entrepreneurship projects and improving young women’s access to mentors and incubators.

As the WOW experience is to not only to award women achievers but also to recognize those unselfish women who have collaboratively supported women to achieve success both in their personal and business/professional lives by collaborating on “women duties” so women can progress and follow their dreams.

The recipients, are selected through their its hard work, perseverance, and dedication and have managed to courageously strive to achieve its dreams and aspirations and serve as a role model to South Africans.

Women who have certainly made their mark in their various careers will be awarded and recognized on
this evening. This is an award for women whose extraordinary achievements further the economic
empowerment of women. A WOW recipient is a woman who is:

  • A progressive thinker.
  • A dynamic leader.
  • A woman that strives to make a difference in society.
  • A woman who makes a formidable impact on others.
  • As well a woman who continues to inspire and empower.

When is the event happening:


For all the latest photos and glitz and glamour from previous events, check out the Women of Wonder Facebook and Instagram page.

Here’s to meeting and celebrating amazing women on the 23 September 2019!


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