Thank you 2016…


I’ve been hearing a lot lately from anyone and everyone, that 2016 has been a pretty sucky year. Well, to be honest, I have to disagree. 2016 has been a year of so many valuable lessons. While you look back and reflect on all the horrids of the year, I have to think back and look at all the life lessons and experiences that 2016 gave us.


Anyone who knows me knows that my family went through some rather drastic changes. Changes that were bound to happen due to the certain circumstances, but ignoring the situation for some was easier than accepting it as the inevitable. I needed to almost lose my mom before everyone was willing to sit up and take note of the situation. But enough about that, this blog post is about what 2016 has taught me:

About people:

  • What happens behind closed doors people (and family) really don’t care about – pleas of help go unnoticed as long as to the outside world, a happy/picture perfect image is portrayed
  • Be careful who you talk too – everyone has a hidden agenda
  • The ball game changes when money and property are in the playing field
  • Suddenly everyone has an opinion on your life, lifestyle and what you own
  • Trust no one but in GOD alone
  • People are so quick to judge – yet don’t you dare pass the baton of judgment on

About me:

  • I had to grow up – really fast
  • Niceness got me nowhere. In the interim, I need to be crude and cold for my opinion to matter – and in the interim, I also became the worst version of myself while trying to make sure everyone was ok – cussing, eating wrong, keeping my stress in, not sleeping, no exercising – and the result – someone on sleeping tablets who had to drastically change her eating habits so I could get to a point of enjoying food.
  • I stopped caring about people who were exhausting
  • My anger I was experiencing, I filled with materialistic things

About my daughter, my mom and my siblings:

  • Like all families, we fight and have quarrels but FIGHTING FOR THEM, AND READY TO BATTLE, is what I am here to do.
  • They are stronger than what they realise. All of them.
  • They have dealt with so much, they need to believe and remember, while 2015 was the start, 2016 was the battle, 2017 is the end!

I love them and 2016 doesnt have the best of you, or me, or anyone.



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