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So when are you having more kids?

The age old question that never gets old… Seeing that we’re heading to our two year anniversary, people often (and by often I mean, all the time) often ask me “So when are you having more kids??

A selfie on my instagram with a bloated stomach, using the word “craving” or an incorrect angle and then I’m blasted with DMs and whatsapps with the questions, “I don’t mean to pry, but are you pregnant” – yes even my mom asked me based on a picture. And for that exact reason, I started my journey to lose weight. But that’s for another blog post.

But here are the 5 reasons why for now, Zunaid and I are choosing to not add to the brood:

  1. The ongoing ex battle – Zunaid is enduring a battle with his ex, still, (that is rather unnecessary) and we both felt, no pregnancy should endure that unwanted stress. It was a continuous decision, as I felt that for now, he needs me to support him in his legal matter and with Amra in grade 1, we didn’t want to take on another task and not fully enjoy it.
  2. 2017 was shit, for all the obvious Zunaid’s ex wife reasons, but we decided to make 2018 and beyond, a focus on us and our marriage. So far so good. We’re having so much fun. It did require us to isolate ourselves from a lot of people, who Zunaid felt had loyalty issues, but it’s as if, our married life has finally begun, properly.
  3. The bucket list – Zunaid and I both have bucket lists – things he couldn’t get to accomplish in his previous marriages or ever dream that he ever could, and there and things I also did not get around to accomplish, so while we don’t have a little one , we thought we would get cracking on that bucket list.
  4. I’m kind of rather selfish – yeah, there I said it – as in my previous post, having being divorced for 4 years before I got married, has made me selfish – selfish on my me time, my time with Zunaid, my time with my kids and time with my friends, just my time in general. I’ve grown accustomed to a certain life, certain freedom, certain lifestyle and certain spoils and I know with a newborn, all of that, is bound to change. For the good, I know, but change is inevitable.
  5. We’re in no rush – when it happens, it happens.

So before you jump on the “OMG she doesn’t want more kids” wagon, we do. We’re actually excited about the idea of adding to our brood. Zunaid loves the idea of having another girl and boy while I’m happy just 1 more kid. But for now, right now, until we make some announcement, we’re just going with the flow.

Am i wrong to feel this way?


1 thought on “So when are you having more kids?

  1. Shame, I’m sure everyone is just wanting you to have a kid together (sorry, I’m assuming you don’t have any together..). Would you a cute kid when the time is right I’m sure. But honey, you’re so not wrong for feeling the way you do. I have no idea what a divorce is like (and pray to Allah I don’t)… so unless we’ve walked a mile in your shoes we have no right to judge because we haven’t lived through what you’ve needed to and deal with the emotions you’ve needed to. So take the time to work on you as an individual and as a couple – the kids will come when it’s their time to come.
    And hey… where do you live? Come to FitClub!!! šŸ™‚ I got that boep that has people asking if I’m expecting and I be like “nah, it’s just fat”. But I like getting time to hang with the girls, work some muscle and get some of those happy chemicals released. šŸ™‚

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