Ah men…

Well now, you know the old saying “there are many fish in the sea”, they forgot to omit, “while there are many fish in the sea, there seems to be a variety of kinds you’ll have swimming in your direction”…

Don’t get me wrong, I do have an amazing guy best friend, and sometimes what I endure is a source of his humour, as whom better to offer me advice on men than a straight man. What I can say – what I endure do often leave him rolling his eyes in disgust.

In true me style, these are top 5 favourite kinds that not only sniff me out, but keep me very much entertained.

What I can say is that after much discussion with many women, I am not the only one who has a list…I’m just honest enough to write about it…

The protector

Character: Thor


Description: this Greek god is my personal favourite. Despite his build, he is a protector as he is big teddy bear. He is not a gym monkey, so he’s not the least bit perturbed when he sees you in leggings, oversized track top and messy hair. He totally gets it’s your time off and will happily chill with you when you need it most. However due to his soft heart, deciding on venturing any further with this one can lead to many questions and you’ll be happy just to have him in your life as his happy to have you in his.

The cynical

Character: Harvey Spector


Description: Cynical, sarcastic with a hint of “I know all the answers”. He wears his heart on his sleeve but still very much masking in pre-bad boy status. Years have aged his skills and he hasn’t quite grasped onto the idea that while his still appealing, time has changed him. Always up for a challenge, he truly believes he can accomplish anything – that includes scoring with you. It makes for fun times but the games do get boring after a while.

Queen B syndrome

Character: Chuck Bass or even Mr Muscle


Description: Mmmm, the best way to describe your relationship to this one can be regarded as you being the “girl that got away”. He can often be seen as a gym monkey. While he may be from your past, his ultimate goal is making sure he gets you. He’ll hang around with every other girl. You can even walk away a million times, but he sees it as you merely playing hard to get. English understanding isn’t his strongest point and while his actions may steal your heart at times, the boundary lines needs to be constantly highlighted.

The underdog

Character: Mike Ross


Description: Younger than Harvey, this one is slightly younger than you. Not by many years however he apparently sees something in you that he doesn’t see in girls his age. If you have no qualms with the younger specimen, don’t be so easy to throw him out of the game just yet. It’s all fair in love and war and his out to prove that he can do so much more for you than his older counterparts.

The past

Character: Adam (Ashton Kutcher) from No Strings Attached


Description: No sex involved. But Mr History is someone every girl has. His always there, reminds you constantly of his presence and shows absolutely no sign of ever leaving your life. His been there before every guy, still hangs around and shows no sign of ever leaving. His flirtatious ways are very obvious but that’s all that it is. His opinion on your choice of men is very strong and he makes your very aware of it however his decision on anything more stays in limbo so you keep him in the friendship zone.

Disclaimer: these descriptions are in no way out to offend anyone. It is merely some comical insight into the type of men that has entered my life. Some have become great friends and permanent fixtures in my life while others I’ve outgrown due to them having way more baggage that either one of us can handle.


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