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So…let’s review some products

Okay, I get it. You don’t want to read some boring review of products i may have received as a PR stunt. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, these products i actually bought and no one is paying me to say these awesome things about it. It’s all truth. I just often have people ask me what I’m using on my skin and hair and why not share. Hey, if i can spare someone 10-15min extra sleep time, my job is done.

Well, let me tell you anyway: You know that mom/chick that says I have no makeup on and rely heavily on the products i use. Thats me. If its quick and easy, I’m all for it. To me, time is precious. The last thing i want to do is spend it on time consuming tasks. My grandmother (of 79) always said “if you hair is healthy and your skin looks good minus makeup, then you’re sorted“. She is right though. Time faffing on hair and skin is time i could use relaxing or discovering something really cool with Amra. Now that i hit 30, I’m proud to say, I’m comfortable in my skin and I know what products really work for me.

About my hair…

  1. We all love salon perfect hair. Who wouldn’t want to experience it all the time?
  2. As a mom, in my case, a single mom with a very busy 4 year old little girl, time is really precious. juggling work, kids, life and everything else in between, when you find a product that works for you, hold onto that baby for dear life.
  3. When I find a product that can help make my life so much easier, what can you do but boast about it?
  4. Am i happy? Of course.

So what is this wonder products? All Tresemme based. They really know how to take care of your hair without breaking your budget.

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The result: gorgeous manageable clean hair that looks salon great for up to 3-5 days. Don’t believe, check out my Instagram posts for yourself.

About my skin…

Okay I won’t lie. Being fair with a hint of sensitive skin is a battle. Something either works short term or i’m guaranteed red blotches of itchiness. Let’s face it (excuse the pun), no one wants to walk around looking they have a tattoo of grossness in their skin. My mom (of 55) swears by Nivea and after many tests, I must say I don’t remember life before Nivea Aqua Sensation. You know that feeling of a cold fresh cucumber being put on your face. Now imagine that amazing feeling…all day, everyday.


The light moisturising cream with Cucumber Extracts sweeps an instant wave of cooling freshness over your face. They are not shitting you when they say you experience a refreshed, invigorated and hydrated skin all day long.

Which skin care products are you absolutely loving?

Any tips and tricks you’re keen to share?

I usually share all my amazing finds on my Instagram account. If you’re not following me yet, why not do so. I’ll definitely follow you back.

Much love xoxo

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