So 2016 here we go…

So it’s been a while hey, like a long while. I was hoping for a happier 2016. My now ex-boyfriend and I broke up and I’ve removed myself from all toxic situations. Toxic situations like my mom’s life (she needs to make her own decisions and bear the brunt of the consequences) and scenarios, toxic friends, all things toxic. The result – I’m a lot happier. I can focus so much more on myself and Amra and get my head back into my work self.

What have I learnt from 2015:

  1. Love is a strange and wonderful thing – it comes in many forms. I may have not succeeded in finding my Prince Charming but I have a beautiful daughter, good family and most of all, amazing friends that have shown me so much love.
  2. I do want another kid. Yes i always said 1 kid is enough and i love being a single career mom but i LOVE kids. And yes i do want another kid. Not necessarily with a man. But I love the single mom life and with overcoming heart break, maybe “happily ever after with a Prince” isn’t in my cards but having another baby really is a thought that sometimes creeps in. And Amra has also been asking for a brother or sister like i can head to a mall and say “Hi can i have 1 newborn baby please?” I’ve been thinking a lot about AI. I always said by 31 i’d love to have my second child and with Amra being so independent and telling me “I can do it by myself mommy“, i often wonder how life would be with another 1. I have 2 brothers and i can’t imagine life without them so i’d like her to experience that too. With it being on my mind, i do sometimes find myself Googling the everything from cost to process. But we’ll see as the year progresses.
  3. Men – love isn’t ownership and possession. You do not own her. I recently went to a lecture held in the mosque and the lecturer said “Men, do you own your mother? No you don’t. So what makes you think you own your wife. Where do see anywhere in the Qu’ran that she belongs to you. Even on the day of judgement, she is regarded as the daughter of her father. Your name won’t even feature. So who are you to think that you can abuse (abuse of all kinds), own or possess her? Show me where it’s mentioned” I look at my mom and realise how easily men confuse love with ownership and possession. And the strangest part – how close minded society is to not stand up and say – This is wrong. Think about that.
  4. Men love bitches – and I’m not lying. There is even a book called ‘Why men love bitches‘. Buy it, read it and enjoy!
  5. Karma is a real thing – I’ve witnessed it. Being nice is one thing but when your niceness gets taken advantage of, just step back and watch karma play its part.
  6. No one told me 4 year olds is the new 14. Nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster of a emotions and fun times.

Am i the only one who has been taught these crazy life lessons? Please share your thoughts and lets chat about it. I’d love to hear how you are…

Much love xoxo

1 thought on “So 2016 here we go…

  1. Hi Ulpha, I cam across one of your posts on Instagram & then started reading your blog enteries. I responded to one if your recent enteries via email as it really resonated with me. This one above as well! Im still healing & learning to choose me first. My “niceness” was definitely taken advantage of ladt year and a question that keeps popping up in my mind is “ am I truly the girl whom its easy to walk away from?! – I don’t know if that makes sense?… but again Thank you for your realness & your vulnerability!!

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