Single mom in the city… Shit gets real…

So Amra is turning four in September. And besides the fact that she’s turning four, what really creeps me out is that if you know me, never would you have thought I’d be a mom of a four year old. I’m myself a kid (okay sometimes).

Anyway I was caught in the middle of a conversation where I got asked yet again “so when you settling down?” that’s a great question but one I’m so unsure of. Yes I want more kids and a tiny part of me feels guilty for not giving Amra a picturesque family but I’ve been a single mom for so long, I wouldn’t know the first thing of sharing my life, my space, my time, my child with someone without offending in them in a million ways because of my subtle yet indirect way of saying “I can do this myself you know, been juggling life pretty fine without a man”. Then my mom asked me one day “what happens once you achieve all your goals? Is money and career really gonna complete you in your old days?” And “what happens if Amra gets married and grows up, are you okay being alone?” But there are just so many things I ponder about…society (pointing at you Malay society) doesn’t take easily to divorced moms. And what if they accept me but not my kid. No offense boys, but no man is worth losing or alienating my child over. I come with a package. Take it or leave it. Why do independent women scare men off? My independence isn’t there for you to sponge off. I don’t know about other women, I refuse to support a man. I already have 1 kid to raise and maintain. Don’t need a man to raise and maintain a man too.

How are other single parents handling it?


2 thoughts on “Single mom in the city… Shit gets real…

  1. I’m not single but I am with you with the people who keep asking those questions that are really annoying. When are you getting married? When are you having kids? When are you having another one? It never stops so you just have to come up with some kind of answer…

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