Single mom in the city – gets married…

Yes! You read right. In a nutshell, I had 48 hours to plan my second wedding and let me tell you, it was everything I wanted – simple, quick and fun.

If you’re wondering why I never once mentioned him, it was because it was all so sudden. And before you ask, no I’m not pregnant. I just didn’t want a big affair.

But of course, this wedding did come with tons of assumptions. There were two kinds of people that surfaced – those who truly knew me and those who assumed they knew me.

Those who truly knew me, they were shocked but not surprised. Those who assumed they knew me, were shocked and surprised and expected me to want a big elaborate gold wedding but not once did I ever say that. I always said – my next wedding needed to quick, short and intimate with tons of fun and it was just that.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t marry a stranger. I married a real Prince Charming – my friend I lost contact with, my high school crush and having reconnect after 11 years, it was like a puzzle piece that just fit.

Our love story in a nutshell:

I met my now husband when I was 15. He was 18. He was the best man in a family member’s wedding. When I first saw him, I had this insane crush on him. Being the “break-dancer” that he was, he tried to impress me with his dance moves and I completely ignored his attempts – instead we ended up being really good friends for that period.

After the wedding ended, we hardly saw each other. I briefly saw him at his mom’s funeral but I couldn’t say much and then we never ever saw each other again.

Years passed, we both got married and divorced. I was a single mom for four years and he married his second wife, had a son with her and that also ended.

Fast forward to very late 2016, some Instagram stalking from his side, we reconnected. It was as if nothing changed – he just got cuter and funnier.

Two weeks into February 2017, he asked me on our first date. My 5 year old daughter labelled him Prince Charming as she fell in love with him.

On our first date, we knew we were meant to be. He proposed to me two days after asking my mom for permission to marry me on her birthday.

And March 25th, we’ll be celebrating our one month wedding anniversary.

Our wedding:

It was a garden themed home wedding with 80 of our closest friends and family.

I didn’t wear a wedding dress, as I didn’t want that. Instead a casual outfit that was quickly put together.

For us, it was about our kids. While his son couldn’t be there, our daughter loved it. He proposed to her and it was like you could hear the women’s hearts melt.

Our post wedding shoot

While most couples do engagement shoots, we did a post wedding shoot. Very much like we are – unconventional.

Because Shahied of Inspired Creative Works did our wedding, it was only fitting that he did our post wedding shoot. He understands my crazy and we had so much fun with him.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Zaakirah Jacobs for my make-up, Candice Carter for my wedding cake and my sister in law for the wedding decor and Shaheema for helping out wherever I needed her help.

PS – I realised now I now need to change my blog name. So I’m busy working on that…


Here are some pics of that day…

Us after we got married
Always time for a selfie
Zunaid proposing to Amra
Post-wedding shoot
Ulpha&zunaid low Res _social media (162 of 209)
Love my city
Ulpha&zunaid low Res _social media (190 of 209)
What we love to do – dance

9 thoughts on “Single mom in the city – gets married…

  1. This is such a beautiful love story. Awwww! I was reading and when I saw he proposed two days later after reconnecting so many years later I was like OMG! With tears in my eyes. You make me believe in real life fairytales. May Allah bless your marriage with lots of love, understanding, communication, joy and always keep each other happy for the sake of Allah. Congratulations to you both.

    1. The best love stories happen when you least expect it. Keep the faith alive. I was divorced for 4 years and was very happy and peace with my life situation. But when he appeared, and was showing no signs of leaving, I realised how much he filled my life up and a piece I never knew had a missing part. Alhamdullilah, I have someone who I’m happy I can complete half my Deen with.

  2. So when I commented on your post a few months ago about people being bis I was referring to myself😱. I actually told my husband I hope this two end up together because unlike most instagram posts today you two seemed so far from the superficial reality instagram and relationships together today are. So secretly I was praying you would find happiness in this relationship, even though you spoilt it with saying he’s your cousin on some post. I decided to mind my own business but continue to wish for you your happiness.

    I am so happy for you. May your love blossom into a fruit Allah love’s and favours. This is an amazing love story. I look forward to reading more “awe we married for another 10 years today posts” together with many more “nwaate gedagtes” I can laugh at. Xoxoxo

  3. I can never get enough of your gorgeous heart, your authenticity and I have this beaming smile on my face coz you living your happyeverarnold. LOVE!!!!!

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