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Review: What remarried life has really been like for me

So Zunaid and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary on 25 May and I thought I’d do a blog post of what it’s really been like thus far. If you’re expecting a cushy lovey dovey post, I suggest you stop reading now, as this is not that kind of post.

And yes, I;m reviewing my marriage just like I would a product…Honesty is the best policy right…

Well, it’s been three months of a rollercoster life. Not that it’s been bad but it’s been tested constantly. We’re juggling his crazy work schedule where he is away for such long hours of the days that he just comes home to sleep as he is really too exhausted to even say “how was your day?” We’re juggling an adjustment of having being single for 4 years coming to realisation that I need to share my space with someone else and being okay with him having his habits; us juggling two kids with very different schedules and ensuring we keep a balanced family time and also a balanced couple time and then we have our exes to consider. My ex husband has been epic and him and Zunaid get on great as they have one thing in common – Amra’s best interest and they both love her dearly. Something I’m so completely grateful for. Zunaid’s ex wife on the other hand is an entirely different story altogether.

However, with despite the hurdles, Zunaid and I have realised that a couple that prays together stays together and together we can conquer anything. But okay that aside, I’ve actually asked him to help me write this post by answering questions about me that I have about him:

What has married life been like for the past 3 months been like?

Ulpha: A massive bitch-ass adjustment

Zunaid: It was an eye-opener to what the future will be like and I finally feel like i found my real home

Any pet-peeves?

Ulpha: You leave wet towels on the floor and you are helluv noisy in the morning when you need to leave; and you leave dirty dishes in the bedroom which I hate

Zunaid: You hang the toilet roll wrong; without realising it, we end up leaving the house wearing the same colours and then we end up looking like “those couples”

Who is the neat freak?

Ulpha: Me because I have crazy OCD issues

Zunaid: A little of each of us but you are the most

Who takes longer to get done for an event or for work?

Ulpha: Zunaid

Zunaid: Definitely me

Who is the better dancer between us?

Ulpha: Definitely Zunaid

Zunaid: Me no doubt

Who is the funniest between us?

Ulpha: Definitely me

Zunaid: Definitely me

Who is the grossest between us?

Ulpha: Zunaid

Zunaid: Me

How many more kids do I want?

Ulpha: 2 more

Zunaid: 1 or 2 more

How often would you like date night?

Ulpha: once a week

Zunaid: once a week

What took you so long to find me or decide it was me?

Ulpha: I was in this weird phase in my life that I didnt realise I needed someone to complete me. I thought I had it all figured out – that I was ready to live life as a single mom of one. When I saw you added on Instagram, I totally forgot about you after we last met, 15 years ago. And suddenly it hit me, that every guy i dated, had small characteristics of you.

Zunaid: I was on Instagram and you just came into my “people i know” feed. I just wanted to say hi. I never thought you’d end up being my best friend after all these years again. Fate decided when we met and this time I wasnt going to let life move on without you.

Okay so maybe it did end up lovey dovey but yeah, we juggle life, we have bills to pay and I’m realising married life is an adventure with a perculiar destination but I still dig this dude.


3 thoughts on “Review: What remarried life has really been like for me

  1. Aaah this is so cute hehe. May you guys be blessed with many happy, funny, loving years insha allah xxx

  2. I just came across your post that was shares on Rhode Marshalls page. Slamat on the remarriage. My parents have been seperated for a long time and are considering remarrying . Their story is long and complicated. On 30 June it would have been 32 years. Well if remarrying is working for you,maybe just maybe it will work for my parents.

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