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Review: The K Spa Experience

Don’t you just hate it when you see “review” and then you spend the next 5 minutes reading a fluffy review that you’re almost sure the person was high AF when they experienced it? Sometimes I’m even left thinking “man, I wish I was this lucky to get service so amazing from place x it’s almost as if this place fell straight out of heaven with all their A++++ service.”

If you’re expecting one of those reviews, this isn’t that kind. Instead, it’s written by a single mom who for the first time in the history of spa treatments I was so late for my treatment, that if I was the therapist, I would’ve kicked my ass out before I even got onto the bed.
Let me start by telling you that this spa treatment was meant to happen ages ago, but life as a single mom meant, I had no control over my schedule and it got postponed so many times I’m almost sure that the spa receptionist probably rolled her eyes or laughed to herself when they saw my email pop in her inbox to make an appointment as she knew I would probably send in a request to postpone it – that’s how horrid I was.

So finally and eventually managing to set time aside for my appointment, I ended up arriving at the spa 10 minutes late. 10 points to me, the douche for being late and frowning on people who do that. I promise to never judge you again to the person who runs into spa late and apologetic.

Running up the stairs and walking into the spa, I was greeted by the friendliest receptionist. You see, that’s what I loved about K Spa – friendly, nonjudgmental, understanding staff. When I apologized for being late, she assured me it was all perfectly fine and that a therapist would be with me shortly.

In case you’re keen to give this place a try and wondering where it is, K Spa is located in the heart of The Victoria & Alfred, Waterfront, Cape Town . To be a bit more precise, opposite the Watershed but right next door to Scratch Patch – so moms while you’re enjoying a time out, dad can keep the kids busy with the endless amounts of activities that can be done in that vicinity. How’s that for a clever location?

After filling out an information sheet on my facial – you see, I’ve been to K Spa before so they had my details when it came to my massage – so naturally they needed my information for my facial.

My treatments:
A 60 minute aromatherapy massage
What is an Aromatherapy Massage? It is a combination of the western aromatherapy massage and eastern yoga techniques; this is a perfect fusion of East meets West. The Thai Therapist uses a pre-blended oil that will leaves you with a sense of well-being
Aromatherapy Massage 30min – R 300
Aromatherapy Massage 60min – R 400
Aromatherapy Massage 90min – R 600

A 60 minute Nimue Facial
Duration Price Facials 60min – R 400
Express Facials 30min – R 200

The verdict:
The massage:
As you know, I was late. Bitch move! But the therapist was reassuring that it was perfectly fine. Being a spa slut, I would happily give up buying a new pair of shoes for the month for a spa treatment. The therapist was lovely and the pressure of the massage of perfect. It focused on all the problem areas that the sirens blaring outside went unnoticed. Only when I left the spa, did I notice the commotion happening outside.

The facial:
Being a facial virgin, I had no idea what to expect. And…it was epic. The feeling of someone cleansing your face is really great. I must say though that having the blackheads removed was an awkward feeling but hey, no pain no gain. My face looks amazing and feels so much cleaner, lighter and looks brighter. It’s such a treat and I would highly recommend it. One thing though, I was getting really cold as the treatment was progressing but that’s my own fault as the therapist did ask if I wanted the room warmer and I declined – but after a while I was freezing. I guess I should have requested the room to be warm from the beginning to make my entire session a bit better. But that didn’t bother me at all because I got lost in the amazing experiences.

My final word:
Having read other reviews, what I can tell you – make an appointment as this hidden gem is quickly becoming a favourite and I can see why.

People often complain about the noise level and honestly, if you had a spa treatment in the CBD, like I have, the noise level at K Spa is actually nothing and unnoticeable once you get lost in your amazing massage. The spa can’t control outside noise and if complete silence is what you want, head to a retreat away from the beauty that is the Waterfront. I don’t think its fair judging your experience on something they can’t control.

And how cool are these specials they’re running just in time for Valentine’s Day?


Also they’re pretty active on Facebook  and Instagram .

Why not try them out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Much love


PS. I would’ve taken pics but as you know I was late for my treatment and when it was done, I was too chilled to even look at my phone. But check out their website and see for yourself why this is quickly becoming my new favourite spa.

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