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Review: Natralogic

Have you heard of the brand Natralogic? If not, sit back and let me tell you of a product I fell in love with now that I’m pregnant…

One cold winter’s day, I received an email from Laura, the founder of Natralogic to ask if she could send me some products to review. Intrigued, I checked out their website to see what the brand was about and it was an immediate yes from me.

You see, with this pregnancy, I wanted it to be different and to keep with my holistic philosophy, the Natralogic brand spoke to me.

About the founder: 

  • Lauren Lamont, owner and founder of Natralogic, is revolutionizing the skincare industry by pioneering South Africa’s first all-natural skin care range developed specifically for the needs of pregnant women.
  • She holds a 6-year Master’s Degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry from the University of KwaZulu-Natal where she graduated with several Certificates of Merit and Deans Commendations.
  • She has also published several articles in peer review Journals including the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, the Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics and the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review.
  • Her Master’s thesis, at the time of publication, was considered to a viable cure for cancer. Lauren also holds a 2-year Diploma in Cosmetic Chemistry from the Society of Cosmetic Science South Africa where she graduated top in the country and received the Norman Sanan Award for most innovative product design.
  • In 2011, Lauren began pursuing her real passion in the personal care industry. She has been involved in the research, development, new innovation and manufacture of some of South Africa’s leading skin care products.
  • It wasn’t until Lauren became pregnant with her first child that she became very discouraged in trying to find safe and effective skincare products to use during her pregnancy. The majority of products available in South Africa for pregnant mothers contained harmful ingredients that are not recommended for use during pregnancy as they have been associated with miscarriage, bleeding complications, congenital disabilities, disruption in fetal growth and some are known carcinogens.

So in a nutshell, she is a mom that really gets moms. Natralogic is product made by a mom for moms.

Let me tell you about the products that I received to review during my pregnancy:

Tummy creme (R299.95) – I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product and I’m so glad I had no expectations and reservations. It smells amazing and since using it in June, when I received it, I have no stretch marks but more importantly, I don’t itch…at all…

Exfoliating creme (R299.95) – Have you ever had an exfoliation at your favourite spa? Now imagine this in the comfort of your own home and shower. Yes moms, this product screams luxury spa treatment. I won’t lie, my husband loves it too…He says the feel and smell relaxes him in the shower.

Toning massage oil (R299.95) – My baby this time around is heavier than my first child. So my body is more prone to aches and pains. What I love about this product is that it can be used in two ways – 1. to massage out all those aches and pains or 2. massaged into damp skin after showering but with you concentrating on problem areas such as the stomach, breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs – you know the areas where fat just finds itself relaxing in.

Cooling leg gel (R299.95) – I won’t lie to you – I was clearly delusional when I thought I wouldn’t get leg cramps and sore legs. It’s now the product in my pedestal drawer. My legs ache like crazy old lady looking for her specs that she’s wearing and initially I wasn’t sure what was going on but it was only when my husband reminded me of the cooling leg gel and rubbed it on my legs did I realise this piece of gold is vital. It’s been with me to JHB and back on many work trips and I would highly recommend it.

Nipple creme (R139.95) – raise your hand if you forgot that you need to prep your nipples a month before baby arrives? That’s me guys. Since hitting the 8 month mark, this bottle of gold has been applied every night as instructed and reminded to me by the nurse.

So what’s my overall view on this product and why I love it so much – four simple reasons:

  • If going natural, like me, is what you’re after, this product is for you.
  • All Natralogic products and the ingredients used have been certified by Beauty without Cruelty to be animal friendly. So this product is tested on humans and not on our furry friends.
  • Our products are accredited by the International Vegan Society as they are free of animal products and by-products. The only exception thereto is the Natralogic Nipple Crème which contains lanolin, a product derived from the fleece of sheep. While no harm comes to the sheep in extracting the lanolin, it is however classified as an animal by-product and is not suitable for vegans, but can be used by vegetarians.
  • Their package is sustainable.

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