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Review: My fat freeze journey with Lokkima

It all started a while back…Like for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a weight watcher. When I reached my target goal, I pushed harder – I still saw the rolly bits no else saw. When I had Amra and saw how much weight my body could gain, it freaked me out and I pushed harder to lose it all.

Five years later, accepting that I will never be a skinny bitch, I tend to have my moments where I would love to try something new to lose the extra bits I gained.

For out of interest sake, this is what I can tell you about my build:

Height: 156cm

Weight: 58.5kg

BMI: 24.2 (apparently that’s a healthy weight).

Waist centimeters: rolls and a small muffin top platter with some cushy in the tushy.

So one Wednesday morning at work, while I was minding my own business, my friend sent me a whatsapp to tell me about this new thing called fat freezing and asked me if I want try it. My first response was “fat what”, and she replied “fat freezing”. My curiosity immediately spiked and I was out researching what exactly it is.

But what is it?

It’s a non-invasive alternative to conventional liposuction. Cryolipolysis uses cold to break down fat cells without damage to other tissues. Fat cells are cooled into the negative temperatures, causing them to break up and be disposed of through the body’s own lymphatic system, resulting in a more toned and sleek appearance. Non-invasive lasers break down fat pockets to reshape and slim down the body by causing fat cells to break down and release their fatty acids, water, and glycerol into the body, using the body’s own lymphatic system to oust excess centimetre.

Checking out their Facebook page, I knew I had to try it out for myself. I was contacted my Lokkima consultant, Mareldia Jones. I asked her all the possible questions I had and she was only happy to answer it. Having her reassurance that I had nothing to fear and there would be no harm done to me, I immediately made my appointment at Heavenly Spa– as this was one of the closest branches to me.

What it was like?

Credit: Lokkima Facebook page

Saturday morning I walked into Heavenly and was greeted by my lovely therapist Lenisha. She guided me into the therapy room where I saw the machine and she told me exactly what was going to happen. She also answered any questions as we spoke about my target area, which is my tummy or as I call it – the mommy pouch. However the only question I had was – “will it hurt?” I loved her bubbly personality and her honesty and she said – “it’s weird and cold at first but you wont even realise it.” She measured my waist and I hopped onto the bed.

Credit: Mareldia Jones – what the machine looks like

When Lenisha started, your tummy feels like it’s been vacuumed up and that feels weird – especially by the navel. But you are blasted with this cold freeze as you are getting your tummy vacuumed. The process lasted all of 20 min. It was not painful or unpleasant at all. As I left, she told me to drink plenty of water and stay i will unrinate alot for the first 24 hours which I gathered considering that I just had ice blasted in my tummy. We made my second booking and off I went to carry on my day. After my first appointment, Mareldia sent me a whatsapp to ask about my experience and also send me an eating plan and workout plan. I must admit, the eating plan wasnt my favourite but I enjoyed the workout plan. During the month after my first appointment, I really got to notice my tummy area as it seemed alot flatter. My husband also noticed, which in my books says alot, considering that he tones up much quicker than I do.

At my second appointment, which was a month later, I confessed to my therapist that I just came off my period and threw my eating plan out of the way and just ate it all. She laughed and said it was perfectly fine and acceptable. Dont you just love therapists that dont judge you.

Credit: Me getting my fat freezing done

After my second session, we did a measure up and she was really happy with my progress. She said I need to continue with the eating plan, exercise plan, and I must let her know when I’m ready for my next session.

Overall view: Try it if you are horrid like me at exercising and eating plans. Try it if you want to get rid of those last few CMs and just try it because it’s just an epic experience


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  1. I would like to know more and i think this is what I need because am struggling to loose my body fats are stubborn ,amazing starting to loose self confidence. Where can I get the nearest place to freeze this fats in Pretoria

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