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Review: Mattel® makes lockdown fun

So we’re currently on day million (ok that could be an exaggeration of note) of lockdown and thanks to Mattel®, lockdown blues are a thing of the past…

The new range of toys from Mattel® arrived at my door last week and there is has something for every kid… even I find myself playing with the kids’ toys

What did Amra get: Cloudees


My plan: do an epic video of Amra opening it because I was so excited when I saw she received this as I’ve seen the Youtube videos. I handed it to her and told her I’m heading to the bathroom for 1 minute, she needs to wait for me. Did she wait! Sadly no! Instead she was basking in some amazing little creatures covered in some fun pick fluffy cotton-like slime.

About Cloudees: they are the cutest new collectible with an incredible unboxing experience that lets kids discover a surprise pet in a soft fluffy cloud! They are collectible so there are 28 little and large pals to collect each wave, and new waves dropping throughout the year. Cloudees works by adding water to the large cloud case; shake, shake, shake the cloud case to create a cloud substance within, that reveals the Cloudees character and 6 blind bag surprises inside!  The brand has fun and quirky weather themes, fantastical creatures like unicorns, sloths, poodles and llamas, realistic hair, a keepsake case and a truly unique “shake” feature to reveal the cloud surprise!

Cloudees pets come from seven different weather-themed lands, while your will love collecting characters like Breezy Koala, Frolicking Unicorn, Prancy Poodle, Dapper Sloth and many more! They’re delightful characters that come with accessories including a fluffy attachable cloud tail and a key chain so you can take your cloud case and character with you on the go. The lid of the cloud case works as a base, so you can proudly display your pet.

What did I think of it: It’s super cool and for girls of all ages. Amra is turning 9 but totally loves all things science-like. The mere fact that this required some science to come to life, is what made this especially something we both love

Retail price: R280*

What did Rafa get: Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Time to Learn Smartwatch


Rafa is at that age where if its lights up and makes a noise, we’re winning in the toy department. Rafa received the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Time to Learn Smartwatch and this gorgeous toy hasn’t left her side. she loves that the Puppy “chats” to her and there is some counting involved and she gets to hear all about different colours and greetings with the Laugh & Learn® Time to Learn Smartwatch. This pretend smartwatch looks just like the real thing, with a light-up screen, easy-grasp band, and lots of busy activities for your baby to explore.

I especially love this toy because at 9 months, Rafa is getting:

  • Early Academics: Sung songs and phrases introduce your baby to colors and greetings.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Busy activities like pressing the toggle switch, turning the dial, and pushing the buttons helps strengthen your baby’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Imaginative Play: The realistic smartwatch design lets babies and toddlers pretend to be just like you!

What did I think of it: Thanks to this amazing smartwatch, she doesn’t care about my phone any longer (yay for this). I love the look and design of it and colours makes it so much fun!!! Happy mommy, happy baby!!

Retail price: R200*


What did Tayyib get: Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Diesel Tunnel Blast


Ok let’s admit it, the minute you hear the name “Thomas and Friends™”, the theme song comes to know you want to sing it… “They’re two they’re four they’re six and eight; Shunting trucks and hauling freight; red and green and brown and blue; they’re the really useful crew…

This toy is perfect for that kid that loves building and construction and all things Thomas. who wouldn’t enjoy sending that mischievous engine, Diesel, racing down the track and blasting through the blocked tunnel. It even has a TrackMaster™ layout that stretches up to 137.16cm long, elevated track, and a tunnel with rock pieces to block the path, this action-packed train set lets little engineers create exciting railway adventures with Diesel! Die-cast engine and track pieces are compatible with all TrackMaster™ track sets for limitless adventures. Best part, you can add additional engines and track sets that are sold separately.

What did I think of it: Tayyib loved it and I loved watching him figure out how to put it together. Typical little boy! If you need something to keep the kids entertained for hours, this is definitely something I’d get them.

Retail price: R340*

*All prices as quoted on

Would love to know what you thought of these toys if you do happen to purchase it…


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