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Review: L.O.L. surprise doll

To say that Amra loves L.O.L.  dolls is an understatement. One happy kid later after she opened up her dolls, I asked her to tell me what she thought of them (review it)

About the L.O.L.  Surprise range:

To add more fun, sparkle, and amazement to the already L.O.L. Surprise! dolls craze, Prima Toys has launched a variety of exciting, new, mystery-filled L.O.L. products into the South African toy market. To the delight of fans, the range now includes little sisters, pets, puzzles, and games.

The joy on Amra’s face as she unwraps each one always amazes me, and she treasures each piece no matter how small they may be.

Therefore, I wasn’t remotely surprised when I read that it was the winner of the prestigious Toy of the Year Award from The Toy Association™ and that it has taken the world’s toy market by storm. The L.O.L. Surprise! Doll assortment was the Number 1 Toy of 2017 in the USA, the U.K., and Canada, and was sold-out in South Africa within weeks in 2017 and 2018, and I should know because I was one of the moms’ looking in Cape Town and Johannesburg for one of them.

What Amra thought? (she wasn’t much help getting information out of her)

Mommy: so which toys did you all receive?

Amra: L.O.L.  Surprise Fluffy Pet, L.O.L.  Surprise Glitter Globe, L.O.L.  Surprise Sparkle Doll and a L.O.L. Surprise LIL’s

Mommy: And which did you like?

Amra: Mom don’t be silly…all of it.

Mommy: surely there must be the one you like more than the other?

Amra: okay fine (rolls eyes)… the L.O.L.  Surprise Glitter Globe and L.O.L.  Surprise Sparkle Doll.

Mommy: what do you love about the dolls?

Amra: I can dress them any way I like and they’re fun to play with

What I thought about them?

Who are we kidding? They’re freaking L.O.L. dolls. The entire L.O.L. range is designed on surprising and unboxing surprises, which kids love. They bring fun and excitement, which starts the minute kids receive that ball-shaped container and then unwrap it to reveal other surprises. I love the range as it forces my 8-year-old to take responsibility for all the parts. The one thing I will tell parents, while the range is amazeballs, it can be a bit pricey if you plan to buty it all.

Prices of these surprises:

L.O.L Surprise Fluffy Pet from R399.90

L.O.L Surprise Glitter Globe from R400.00

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Dolls from R430.00

L.O.L Surprise LIL’s from R250.00.

All of them can be purchased at either Toy Kingdom, ToyzoneToys R Us, Checkers or Takealot

Want to win a L.O.L Surprise Fluffy Pet? Check out my Instagram for all the details.


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