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Review: Justine Tissue Oil

I recently did my first Beauty Bulletin product review and let me just say from the beginning – I was not on my top form. With the recent loss of my loved one – Getting through the day was hard enough let alone blogging. But I allow me to give you my full report on the Justine Tissue Oil.

It’s arrived!

Credit: IG: exquisite_mom
Credit: IG: Exquisite_mom

When the box first arrived, I was rather intrigued by it’s prettiness. I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical as I wasnt sure what to expect but I wont lie to you – it was like love at first smell.

The trial period

Week 1: I love winter – the coats, the frosty weather, the warm soups – my skin hates it. The first bit of frost that my skin endured and my face was not impressed. I came home one night with dry tight skin after a long exhausting day. Trying my luck, I decided to remove my makeup with the tissue oil. It was amazing. Who would’ve thought. The lightness of the product didnt leave my face oily and removed even my waterproof mascara with ease. Now I was even more excited to see what the rest of these 3 weeks of using this product could do.

Week 2: After using it to remove my makeup on a daily basis, I started incorporating it into my daily routine. One morning, mid month issues, I ran out of my daily moisturizer and grabbed my Justine Tissue Oil. Skeptical, as I wasnt sure what to expect, I thought what the heck. I got compliments all day for my healthy looking skin. Not an oily dull skin, but one that looked radiant and well rested. Again, kudos to the epic product!

Credit: IG: Exquisite_mom

Week 3: I have skin softer than a baby’s butt. Also using it on all my old stretch marks from that time almost 6 years ago, when I had a baby – yeah yeah, I know. And its also great if you’re coming out of the shower to rub all over your body. And did I mention that my husband loves it too…


My final remarks:

Would I recommend this product – hell yeah!

Would I repurchase it – without a doubt

5 stars to this epic product that’s great value for money and amazing quality of product.

*Promise to post pics soon!




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