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Review: #DoveOneWashChallenge

I won’t lie guys, my hair is really one of my prides…Only because my gran always told me, “your hair is your crown – and no matter what you’re wearing, if your hair looks amazing, you can take on anything.” So you can only imagine my excitement when I was asked to take part in the Beauty Bulletin #DoveOneWashChallenge #TrialDoveWithFriends

For this exciting project, I was fortunate to get some friends on board and asked them to review the products as well.

Here’s what they had to say:

Nadia Toffar

I simple love the packaging it’s very glossy and feels nice when you hold it in ur hand. It made my hair feel softer and easier to dry. Before it felt a little dry but after using those products it felt softer

Qailah Jaffer:

Dove nutritive solutions nourishing oil care treatment mask

Applying this mask has made my hair feel more nourished and healthy, before using this product my hair was always dry and it looked like I there was no smoothness to my hair. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks and it has my hair feeling super soft and more manageable.  Also my frizz has been under good control.

Dove advanced oxygen moisture shampoo

This product has definitely made my hair feel more nourished and beautiful. It has given my hair natural volume without weighing my hair down and has definitely made a great improvement with regards to its silky feeling.

Dove advanced oxygen moisture conditioner

This product has given my dry brittle hair more strength and the consistency of this conditioner has made it easy for me to work the product through my hair, giving me the perfect soft and intensely nourished hair.

Dove nutritive solutions nourishing oil care treatment conditioner

This conditioner has been leaving my hair feeling soft and silky. My hair is no longer dry and is looking so much better. Not only is my hair looking nourished but it isn’t looking flat or oily thanks to its excellent formula.

Dove advanced hair series pure care dry oil treatment mask

This hair mask has given my hair so much moisture and shine. The texture of this product is soft and has nourished my hair internally. The scent of this product is just amazing.

Kerusha Moodley:

I have used the product twice since receiving it. My hair was not only shinier, it was soft and light. I really can’t remember when last my hair was this awesome looking and feeling. I felt like I was touching silk. It didn’t make a huge difference with the frizz but there was a difference.  The scent of the conditioner as well is pleasant. It is a subtle fresh scent.

Rushni Ebrahim-Benjamin:


Jaclyn Johnson:

It is lightly scented which is nice for those not keen on on a strong scent but a very pleasant scent. Quick and simple process. Leaving hair feeling softer and healthier after only being  used twice. I don’t see much difference in look yet but definitely feel the difference. There isn’t more shine like I would have liked but definitely better than after usual colouring. I will continue to use and will recommend that the product be tried especially on hair like mine that has been coloured. It feels treated.

Kirsten-Lee Padua:

I love this product – since giving birth (10 months ago) my hormones have been all over the place and it has taken its toll on my hair. My hair fell out for about 2 months then would become extremely oily and dull, it would feel heavy and even started breaking off in the front. I have even had an expensive treatment done at a reputable hair salon and I can honestly say that my hair didn’t feel as soft and healthy then as it does now. I also sit directly under an air conditioner at work which would literally blow on my hair throughout the day – this I feel has also dried my hair out. In a nutshell – I just have not been happy at all with the condition of my hair. I think Dove Treatment Mask is exactly what my hair needed! My hair now has a healthy shine to it and even before taking heat to my hair, it would fall with very little frizz. My hair had more body and I was able to run my fingers through my hair without it feeling sticky and knotty.  Blow drying my hair was so much easier and went so quickly. It has a fresh clean smell that leaves me feeling refreshed. I am very excited to see what continuous use of this product will result in as I am extremely impressed after the first use. My daughter also has very curly hair that can become quite dry and I cannot wait to use this product on her hair as well!

Tasneem Hendricks:

Ever since I bleached my hair, I have been on an ever ongoing hunt to find the perfect hair product cocktail to bring back the health to my now golden locks. When I was approached to try out Dove’s Intensive Repair Treatment Mask I was more than eager to test it out. The product itself smelled fresh and clean, with a hint of sweetness. The texture was a bit thick, which was a concern as I thought I would then need to apply quite a bit as my hair is rather long, yet once  I spread it across my hand I was surprised to see that a small blob could completely coat my hair.

Massaged in and brushed through, I could already see a difference. I experience far less hair loss than normal; my brush came out clean after brushing the product through my hair instead of filled with long strands of hair.

Once I rinsed the product off, I could at once tell that a great deal of improvement had taken place. My hair was as soft as silk and had a healthy glow. I could dry and brush my hair with absolute ease. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my Dove Intensive Repair Treatment experience and I am happy to announce that I will continue using this product and will definitely recommend it to anyone who has been having trouble with weak, brittle, unruly hair.

Well, I guess now it’s my turn:

Before getting ready for date night…

The best way to get me and my hair is on a Saturday afternoon. You won’t get me in a more raw state. Enduring a period of recovery after a week of work, being a mommy and wife. I tried the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I reviewed the product during and after Ramadaan but because of the busyness, the fact that I wore hijab during this holy month and that I hardly even had time for myself, I couldn’t really take the product out for a full spin and enjoy it – you know – similar to test driving a new car. Saturday night my husband made plans for us to go out and after using the product for a while, I was ready than ever to take it out for a full spin. Nailed it! After using it for 2 months, I realised what I loved so much about the product. It reminds me of summer and these products makes my hair feel light and easy to manage. The product still after all 2 months of using it, smells like that summertime, makes my hair easy to manage and at day 2 of using it, my hair still looks and feels fresh. I love that!!!

Date night…
Sunday – still taking this amazing hair out for a spin

This product for me, is love. And I got to share that love with friends!


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