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Review: Barbie® Color Reveal doll

Are you a parent with a YouTube addicted child? Then have a seat because I know you’ve seen the Barbie Color Reveal videos, because I have too…And I was even part of one…

My day started out pretty normal and mundane… Same old, same old.. work from home, get the baby sorted, get the 8-year-old off to school.

The doorbell rang and it was a parcel for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. I opened it up and I knew I was about to make an 8-year old’s day. It was the Barbie Color Reveal drop and I’ve seen the video and I was bracing myself for the shriek.

My husband saw my face and he had no idea what the issue was… But he was going to find out as soon as our 8-year-old got home.

She walked and saw the package on the table… and yes, shit did hit-ith the fan… That girl freaking lost her shit… And so began a video that even we got pulled into…

Don’t believe me… see for yourself…

What we thought and by we, I mostly mean Amra:

Firstly, you can’t do a bad review on Barbie…It’s freaking Barbie – the chick is a legend.

The packaging: Tons of fun…You pull the strip to reveal a pink doll in clear tube.  Very sci-fi if I dont say so myself. And let’s not forget the four bags of surprises.

Getting Barbie to change color: AWESOME!!

Definitely worth a #BarbieColorReveal

To be honest, she was so stoked at getting to own a Barbie Color Reveal that to this day, long after the box has been thrown away, it’s still one of her favorite toys…

But then again, even I love Barbie!


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