Quiz: The ugly truth on relationships

So this past month has been anything but normal for me… People are leaving long term relationships, getting divorced and just moaning and groaning about the opposite sex like there’s no tomorrow.

Yes the opposite sex can be difficult but these days, things are getting ridiculously out of hand and some expectations are so unrealistic, as a woman who was once divorced and entered the dating world, it’s downright scary and unrealistic.

I decided in the midst of things, maybe it’s time to find out what people really thought the opposite sex want… Have fun answering it…

The relationship truth
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Age *
Relationship status *
Educational level *
Job status *
Do you have any children? *
How many relationships have you had? *
What do you think women want in a partner? *
What do you think men want in a partner?
Do you think a girl and guy can be just be friends without any sexual intentions?
Are you friends with any of your exes?
Would you stay in a relationship if you were unhappy?
Would you stay in an unhappy relationship / marriage for the sake of your kids?
Have you ever cheated on your partner / spouse?
Do you think a couple’s finances should be together or separate? *


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