Our baby is finally here

When I waddled into the doctor’s office at on Monday, 14 October 2019 at 3:45pm at 37.5 weeks pregnant, I knew my joy ride of pregnancy was about to come to an end…

By the time I reached 36 weeks, I knew there was no way I was going to make it to my scheduled due date of 21 October. I was waddling in pain, heartburn kicked my ass, sleeping was a luxury because of my frequent bathroom visits and I just about felt I was done with it – but that’s usually the case when you reach 36 weeks – it feels like the longest stretch ever.

Having my 37.5 week scan, looking at my baby weighing 3,818kg on the monitor, the doctor shared my sentiments that she was ready to deliver as she could see my petite 1,56cm frame couldn’t carry myself or my baby any longer.

She called the maternity ward who advised they had a space for me on Wednesday 16 October at 7:30am and she said she’ll take it. It was happening and I was ready.

Tuesday was a crazy rush for me getting my life, Zunaid’s life and Amra’s life in order and by Tuesday evening, I kissed my mini family and I was ready to get checked in.

The last picture we took before heading into surgery5am on Wednesday morning, the nurse came to wake me up to let me know it was time. My doctor would be here at 7 to prepare for the c-section and I needed to get myself ready. A quick amazing shower, all ready and prepped, I was just in time to meet up with Zunaid and my mom who walked into the maternity ward at 6am. My mom came to send her love and to let us know she’d be waiting in the waiting area for us.

7am we were off to labor ward to meet with the anesthetist.


Time for Zunaid to suit up. If he was nervous, he hid it very well. I couldn’t believe it was time…


A small prayer later and we were ready


She’s here…


Daddy cutting the umbilical cord


So here’s to the next chapter of our lives…


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Love lives here… #daddysgirl #remarriedmominthecity #samommyblogger #mommyblogger

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A love like no other…is that between a father and daughter… #remarriedmominthecity #samommyblogger #mommyblogger

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Laying on mommy, but holding daddy’s finger… #daddysgirl #remarriedmominthecity #samommyblogger #mommyblogger #momof3

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