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My second trimester and a gender reveal

Welcome to my second trimester… this is my journey thus far…

The second trimester has been filled with tons of surprises… Like tons!

Me and my body: 


My skin and hair:

This pregnancy has really taken me by surprise – especially physically. Firstly I have horrid breakouts that immediately made me think “this is definitely a boy!” Being a girl who never ever endured bad skin, this is definitely one of the hardest things of my pregnancy I’m learning to deal with it and following an even more invested skin routine to keep my face looking best I can. Whereas my hair is loving this pregnancy and just in overall show-off mode.

My weight:

At 15 weeks, I’ve only picked up 4.5kgs. This is shocking because when I was pregnant with Amra, I was double that already. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new body minus the aching boobs… and being a small-busted 32C kinda girl, having aching boobs is no fun! No it’s really shitty that I can’t wait to get home just to remove my bra and relax in a tee or my pjs, braless.

My health:

I’ve fallen in love with food. Sounds weird but when you’re conscious of what you eat, being pregnant takes all that away. I love food, especially red meat and sweet things. You could say this baby has ensured I mirror all Zunaid’s eating habits and likes. I’m definitely baking a mini him. Cravings include Wembley’s fresh cream donuts, sirloin steak and savories.

My dress code:

I’ve always loved fashion but I love dressing my bump so much more. My confidence has been extra boosted but how much I’m in love with my baby and bump. And it shows…

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Love and marriage


My marriage

My relationship with Zunaid has always been pretty rad. We are nowhere near perfect (because that would be boring) but we are two friends that got married so unconventional defines us. With the news of our baby, our marriage has just increased in love. He has been even more attentive, cool, calm, collected and handling me with kit gloves, even if it’s been smothering at times. Because I am a home body, I love nesting at home (yes I know for someone who loves fashion, you’d expect to find me in a mall, but the last place you’ll ever find me is in a mall unless its dire). With Zunaid, I’ve been finding out since I’m pregnant, when our kids are at our respective ex-spouses, chilling in bed together, binging on series or movies with food, is becoming our new favourite norm. Zunaid used to hate binging, now he is worst than me. And while there is a day or two I wish I can trade him in, I must hand it to him, he deserves an award for dealing with me when most days I can’t even deal with me.


I must admit, since he found out we were expecting, I’ve never seen him this excited. Like crazy, infatuated excited. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. The guy has even downloaded probably all the pregnancy apps available in iStore and every single question the gynae asked at our first scan, he could answer…proudly. Sometimes I think if he could bubble wrap me up, he would.



As my first child, and for 5 years, she was my one and only love. In 2 years, she gained another dad and a baby brother and now a new sibling on the way. For a little 7 year old, that’s a lot. Some days for both of us, are rather testing. She wants more from me on my most exhausted days. Whereas some days she’s perfectly fine. But while she transitions, and deals with this, I’ll be there every step of the way. In the best way I can help her through this transition is constant mommy-and-me time and reassurance that it will be perfectly fine.

And then we found out what we’re having…


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Were we shocked? Yes. Was Zunaid shocked? Super shocked especially as he said “some tief is gonna take his daughter away and break her heart and he can’t kill them“. But how are we now since hearing this news on the 7th May 2019…well, Zunaid is ready and excited to meet his new little girl and she’s so healthy and growing, this is definitely one kid that will keep us on our toes.

Here’s to 2019 indeed…


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