My journey with collagen

I was very skeptical about this whole collagen craze. So, I gave it a try and this is my story…

Look don’t get me wrong, I don’t even like Milo or protein shakes so adding something to my drink, was the part I was rather uneasy about. However, Zuanid loved collagen and I always envied how well he slept after using it for a while or how it helped him recover quicker from fitness injuries.

And yes, I’ve read up on all the benefits:

  • prevent and/or reverse the signs of aging
  • improve digestion
  • Strengthen her hair & nails
  • better sleep (this for me was a winner)

And then I was like, “shit, what do I have to lose by giving it a try?” And we all know, before I rant about a product, I’ll definitely be the guinea pig to it.

And so, began my journey with the Vitalge collagen.

First plus: the packaging – it’s very pretty and fancy…and detailed which I appreciated.


It’s halaal – yeah for that!

It’s tasteless so my morning black coffee is safe guys!! My coffee still tastes like coffee!! We can all calm down!

My back pain is a thing of the past.

I’m noticing more of my household seems to be including in their daily morning coffee so it’s become a thing for us.

And my hair looks amazeballs…

Crazy though, if I forget to take it for two days, I do feel sluggish and like something is missing…

Need more convincing why you need to give collagen a try…

So with that said, this is why I truly feel every woman should be adding collagen to their daily life:

  1. I don’t look and feel aged, hagged and exhausted anymore
  2. In winter, I usually suffer from horribly dry skin but not this winter. Goodbye dry skin as I have so much more moisture…WINNING!
  3. I don’t see any wrinkles and that’s epic for my 35-year-old skin – so really, goodbye signs of aging.
  4. 10 months shy of a c-section, I don’t remember when last I had back pains since using collagen and that says a lot considering my baby is about 15kgs already – yeah baby!!!
  5. Helps with digestion and that’s always a plus – epic if you’re on a weight loss journey like me…
  6. It strengthens hair and nails – for reals it does!  Remember that time I cut my hair early lockdown days and then I realised I didn’t like it – well because I was taking collagen, my hair grew back so quick and very voluminous.


Based on all the positives I’ve been having and absolutely no negatives, I can proudly say I’m a collagen convert.

Oh if you’re keen to purchase your collagen from Vitalge, the kind amazing people have offered all my people a surprise – use my code CITYMOM10 and get 10% discount on your purchase.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the product.


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