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My big secret

I have a confession

If you know me by now, you know I love fashion. What you don’t know is that people will often ask me for fashion advice and alot more than usual, I find myself in a situation where people will complain to me on how they look, the issues in their life and while I will do block out their negative comments on themselves, while they are talking (bad habit I know), my mind starts to wonder and I start doing a mental makeover on them,  I see the beauty in them, I see what they don’t see, I see what I know would look good on them, and basically go from head to toe on their look.

You could say I do a mental makeover in my head and instead of seeing them through their eyes, their negative eyes, I see them as they should be seen through their eyes, in all their amazing glory and fabulousness; the full potential they haven’t yet unlocked.

My latest makeover, was one that impacted me personally – not because it was a physical makeover, but it included a mental, emotional and spiritual makeover as well – on someone I love. It was on Zunaid. The man I was married to, the man I love, was broken. To him, he felt he saw himself as being broken beyond repair. Broken, from the past, broken from a messy divorce, just broken. As you know, we’re just a couple, we’re friends. And as his friend, I saw him for through the amazingness which I knew he could be. And being a woman of honor, family and loyalty, I knew he had potential that needed to be unlocked, and I was ready to show the world, show him, how I saw him, what I saw him and how much amazingness, he had in him.

Zunaid still laughs to this day because when we got married I told him not to even attempt at unpacking his bag (filled with hideous outdated fashion that did him no good). Even as he unpacked his toiletries, I told him not to disgrace my bathroom shelf with whatever he was going to even put on that shelf. He always says “your honesty fixed me“. That same day we got married, I took his entire suitcase without even opening it, took it to hospice and told him, “trust me on this“…

Facts about Zunaid (before the makeover):

Height: 1.86cm

Weight 110kg of unhealthy eating, disproportioned lifting

Clothing size: 36 pants; top: large

Skin type: Dry yet oily

Hair type: Hard and dry

Mood: quiet, sullen and introverted

This was Zunaid before me…And while I wish I can tell you these pics were taking in the 90s, they weren’t. They were taken as late as 2014. Keep in mind, in 2014, he was only 33.


Fast forward to 2018, 1 and half years into our marriage, me having broken his barriers, by not just giving him a physical makeover, but a mental, emotional one and helped him regain his spiritual path…

Facts about Zunaid now:

Height: 1.86cm

Weight 91kg, toned down the bulky look

Clothing size: 32-33 pants; top: medium

Skin type: Normal yet subtle

Hair type: Soft to the touch

Mood: happy, extroverted, a comedian of note

Allow me to introduce Zunaid now – my best project to date, the way I saw him, the potential I knew he had in, the fun side, ready to come out…

Shirt: Studio W; Jeans: @Opulence.Africa
Suit, shirt and tie: Studio W. Bag: @Persona_Leatherbags

Someone once told me “not only do you bring out the best in Zunaid, but he lights up around you and feeds off your energy and confidence…” and I’ll reply, “timing was everything...”


Bag: @Persona_Leatherbags

Studio and photography: @InspiredCreativeWorks

Suit, shirt and tie: Woolworths

Jeans: @Opulence.Africa


3 thoughts on “My big secret

  1. Well done Ulpha. Zunaid looks so handsome, healthy and most of all HAPPY!!!! Wishing you guys a lifetime of good health and happiness In Sha Allah. Take care of each other. Mwah

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