My 7 year old planned our weekend

It’s Sunday night and for this Easter weekend, I decided to let my 7 year old decide my entire long weekend plans… when last did you let your child plan your weekend of doing nothing?

Yeah you read right! I let Amra decide what our weekend plans were and let me tell you, it’s Sunday evening, and I have a child who is completely different to how she was when the weekend started and funny enough, I feel so much more well-rested than I did when the weekend started.

I can tell you now, I’m no perfect parent and I’m learning every single day but what I can tell you, is when it comes to my parenting, I not only hear what my child says, but I listen to what they don’t say…

I always tell people, as a parent, I have two aims in life:

  1. To raise a well-balanced, happy, self-expressive child or simply put not to raise a self absorbed, brattish asshole of a kid which grows up into the adult version of that
  2. To not a raise a crazy daddy-issue induced manipulative situation who will find her only joy in giving men a hellish life

So this is why my approach was ideal for this weekend.

Now I know what you’re going to say “I have things to do and events to attend“. But here is something you need to know about me, for the sake of my child, I’ve declined events or I’ve attended them without her so she can relax at home. You can’t complain of being exhausted during the week and then attend a function and drag your child to it. The world won’t end if you decline it. The only thing you’ll experience is FOMO (fear of missing out) but I can also tell you, spending a chill out time with your child is amazing.

But this is why this weekend happened…You see, between dealing with my first trimester, travelling for work and her dealing with the news that after 7 years, her mom was having another baby, add in school work, extra-murals and everything else in-between, even I realised, we’ve been dealing with quite a lot.

So this is how our long weekend commenced:

Friday – she spent the day with her dad, my ex-husband. She left teary and came home not happy as she felt “I shouldn’t have let her go”. No matter what explaining I did, she wasn’t changing her mind on her mood. In an attempt to stop the tears and salvage her heartache, I offered her something she never expected, I told her that her dad (my husband) was working all weekend, and I had no plans and maybe if she wanted, she could decide how we spend the entire long weekend.

Immediately her mood changed and she was as excited to the weekend with mommy as I was keen to see what she had planned.

Saturday – the morning she woke up excited and ready – might I add, earlier than usual. I made us whatever she wanted for breakfast and off to Kumon she went. While she was away, I got done at home like showered and fed the pets and 20 minutes later I heard her walk in singing and ready to get the day started. First up, we made lunch and did some drawing. Did some dancing to Katy Perry, tons of dress up, laughter and had some lunch. After lunch she asked if it was movie time and three quarter into the movie she started dozing off. Zunaid came home and we made supper and she was pretty chuffed we opted for McDonalds in bed while watching a Marvel movie.

Sunday – she woke up a bit later and came to snuggle next to me for an extra hour nap. 10am she woke up and we chatted about the day. She reminded me she wanted to check if all her school work was done for the week and I mentioned to her that we could tackle it after breakfast. Breakfast was done and she quickly raced to get washed and dressed. Without me asking, she arrived in the kitchen with her Kumon and her school work to check all was in order. She sat next to me not saying much and did what she needed to do and she didn’t leave my side at all. We chatted about school and the baby and her friends and her birthday and even did some drawings. 7pm, she got into bed and she’s watching a movie.

Now while you may think it sounds pretty lame, let me tell you while I did. Amra is a child – a 7 year old with a very busy schedule to be exact. I’m a working pregnant mom and wife and along with Zunaid, our week is pretty crazy. I had this chat with someone during the week and as much as we don’t want to realise it, their week is pretty jam-packed and yes, believe it or not, if we are exhausted, how don’t they feel.

And while we aim at nurturing their physical health, it’s so important to listen to them, spend quality time with them without electronics and mostly importantly nurture their mental health.

nurture and nature

So why not take a day off and spend it with your child… and let me know how it was for you and your child?


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  1. Definitely doing these with my 3 boys it’s super tough. But it’s worth the try. Juggling a business, being a wife and a mom it’s super hectic. Thank you for the awesome advice.

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