Meet the husband

So I thought that since not many people know who the heck this dude is, but now his suddenly the Mr to my Mrs, I decided it’s time I got to play 20 questions with him.

I loved that he was totally game for this, but in the interim, it’s a great couple’s game.

A man must eat
Date night randoms


Moegamat Zunaid Arnold




Tour guide

When did we get married:

25 February 2017

How did we meet?

15 – 16 years ago – this was our first official encounter. It was at your uncle’s wedding where I was one of his best men.

How old was I when we met?

About 16, sweet 16 😍

Tell me about our first date?

The first time we went out together was to Crumbs and Cream in Sea point and the first time that I had Crumbs and Cream as well. It was lekker.

How many kids do we want?

3 kids, we have 2 at the moment, so I think 1 more would be sufficient.

What was the first thing of yours I threw out you moved in?

My entire wardrobe 😂, it was a case of “out with the old and in with the new”, and as well as a huge sign after Paco (our dog) destroyed all my old t-shirts

What’s my guilty pleasure:

Red grapetiser

What do YOU think I love most about you?

Because I loved Amra first before falling inlove with you – you definitely expected that; I have pretty cool dance moves and because you’re not just my wife but because you’re also my best friend – you love that I make everything more fun.

My 3 best qualities?

You’re caring, giving and loving – can i add in that you have a massive heart?

My biggest fear


If you weren’t in the profession that you are, what’s your second dream job?

Something that has office hours with the same excitement I get from being a tour guide and the epic tips I get to make.

What do you love most about having a daughter?

When I walk through the door, after having a hard day at work she’s waiting for me and comes in and rugby tackles me over screaming “daddy Zunaid”… I can never get enough of that.

Your biggest fear

Deep dark water and high diving boards

Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Touring and my pants tearing exposing it all. Luckily the guests never saw this and I was able to get a replacement asap.

How do you think people see you?

People as see me as fun, kind, sometimes daft but definitely a people’s person

When are you happiest?

Coming home after a long day’s work and seeing my wife.

The best part of your day?

After touring with guests for a number of days, you end up making great contact and friends; and then always coming home to you.

If you have 3 wishes, what would they be?

  • Be a millionaire
  • Travel the world one day with you and the kids
  • Further my education to obtain my nationals in the tour guide industry
Spending 10 min – just catching up on our entire day – each other’s work and Amra’s school day
Despite having an 18-hour day – Zunaid is a firm believer of date nights – no matter how exhausted he is
Daddy-daughter moment
That spur of the moment time we went to Rush
After going to his step sister’s wedding, he decided to hint at getting married and then a week later – we got married



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