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Maternity fashion – for the love / hate of it…

So as I’m in my second trimester, I’m finding as someone who loves fashion, the fashion industry doesn’t love pregnant women, and here is how I know why

I’m just over 3 months pregnant, as can I tell you, I’m in no way small. My bump is big and here and showing off… So with that, comes the need to change my fashion dress sense. Wearing clothing that doesn’t kill me by 12pm and clothing that’s actually going to fit. I’m a firm believer that pregnancy like every other phase of your life should be embraced, celebrated and enjoyed and I just love dress up and dressing my bump.

What I am finding out is that despite South Africa being rather forward thinking (or trying to be) when it comes to fashion, when it comes to maternity wear, we’re still very much stuck in early 1990s…and not that retro/vintage kinda cool… the “oudoos” looks with 21st century prices.

Image result for 1990s maternity fashion
Remember this looks our moms wore?


Case 1: the under bust top / dress

Yep, this is my pet peeve. I HATE this. I think it’s the most unflattering item of clothing ever created. Being it a top or dress, I’ve never seen any woman look amazing in it.


  1. Why would you cut off your mid-section? Pregnant or not, you’re automatically accentuating everything you really don’t need to… like any extra bulges; and you’re drawing the eye to sections you really don’t want to draw.
  2. What if you’re not pregnant and someone asks you “when are you expecting?” You can’t get upset. Pregnant or not, this top makes you look bigger than what you are.
  3. Also your body isn’t cut in half, so why wear clothing that cuts your body.
  4. And this look top or its sister, the baby doll top looks adorable on a kid. You aren’t a kid, you’re having one.

My choice: 

Mr Price – 169.99

Case 2: Overpriced much?
Okay so I love shopping like the next girl. But I’m also budget conscious. WTH is maternity wear double if not triple in price – just for the extra pieces of fabric? It’s clothing I’m wearing not even for the full 9 months…why would I want to spend so much money on two items? I honestly feel for the moms who cash strapped but still want to look the part of amazing and enjoy their pregnancy.  They are then kind of forced to look look frumpy.


basic leggings
Basic leggings – 99.00


maternity leggings
Maternity leggings – 429.00

But now you should ask yourself, what are the DOs and DONTs for getting dress with your bump in mind:

Don’t wear a size bigger of maternity wear. Just embrace your baby bump and new curves. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to hide your baby bump. If your belly fits right inside your maternity wear yet your outfit looks loose from other parts of your body, then you know you’ve committed a fashion crime.

Do invest in 2-3 basic maternity pieces that fit your personal style and will mix with your normal clothes. I personally love the colour navy, slim ankle jeans and bodycon dresses, and even more now that I’m pregnant

Do buy pieces that you can wear again. You won’t be pregnant forever – and then what are you going to do with the extra clothing?

Do buy maternity clothes in your original size. If you do wear a 32 in normal times, buy 32 in maternity wear. Don’t go oversized and frumpy.

Do add some height to you look now that you’re pregnant. I’m addicted to my Stan Smiths like everyone else but I love my heels even more now. And by heels I mean block heels that are comfortable and can be worn all day.


Do experiment with trench coats, dresses that can’t be tied can be worn open, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t give in to the lazy – a mantra I keep telling myself. I know pregnancy and life is exhasusting – hell, even I found myself in a track pants, over sized t-shirt and slippers but I find it makes me feel more pregnant and slouchy. But I try 95% of the time to make an inserted effort to not look like a lazy varsity kid as I feel it’s a possible opportunity missed.

But who knows – life happens and you can fall through the crack of the slouch life!

But here’s to fun times.


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