Kids say awkward things

Have you been in a situation where you kid says something so out there that you’re left completely stumped.

My life with Amra can be pretty unique. I LOVE her to bits but she is my mini me – in every way possible. If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, I usually chronicle what life is like for a single mom with a pre-schooler. I have never met a more candid person than…well, me. So imagine when I get a dose of my own medicine every now and then.

Need an idea of what I’m talking about…

Amra may be four, but these days I need to tip toe to the toilet. She will quickly realise, wait, my mom isnt in the vicinity. I’m serious. Kids will find you. She will quickly gather her crayons and colouring book, and happily open the door to the bathroom and come sit by me – and all I wanted to do was just pee…in peace.

Amra refers to the vagina as a flower. I love that. Its what makes her comfortable. What is very uncomfortable is when I’m experiencing Mother Nature and she always manages to walk into the bathroom when my period just about ends and I get comments asked loudly (whether we’re in a public toilet or at home) like “mommy, I need to go get your flower a plaster hey?” or “eeeuuuuwww, that’s dissss…gusting

She used to ask my now ex-boyfriend infront of my family, “do you like my mommy” and he used to say “a lot but you’re favorite”…Then she used to look and say “okkkkaaayyy but can i ask you something” and he used to wait in anticipation and then see him squirm and walk away and say  “never mind“…

Am i only mom dealing with the awkward 4s?

Oh did you read about my last blog post? I’d like to establish a single and single mom’s network… Please read and share and let’s get the ball rolling on this…

Much luv


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