Keeping sane and prepping for baby

Unlike the arrival of my daughter, I was completely clueless on what to do and what to expect…this time around with baby number 2 on the way, and the help of Marie Kondo’s minimalist approach to life, I feel a bit more prepared…I think…

Are you ever ready for the arrival of your baby? Is anyone ever ready for their arrival of their baby! I’m praying I am…

But with a school going child, a husband that works 5 – 8 days straight with really odd hours, taking charge and planning it all out strategically is the only way I can provide order to all our lives.

Just like Amra, this baby is going to be completely different for me – a complete lifestyle adjustment because the last time I did this entire baby thing was almost 8 years ago.

Therefore, instead of running around like headless chicken, I decided in my infinite mercy to approach this pregnancy the same way I do life, events and work – with a solid excel plan in place. Since babies are as unpredictable as they can be, the least I can do, is plan everything to the best of my ability.

One cold June morning, with my Excel sheet, open, I was ready to plan out my life, my daughter’s life and anything to make Zunaid’s life easier until the arrival of this little princess – and a little beyond.

The result – a 4 page document and hopefully I didn’t forget anything.


If you want, you can download my entire document and amend it perfectly for you.

Prepping for baby

How far have I gotten with this list?

  1. Amra’s home teacher has been hired to ensure Amra stays on board while I am away
  2. Meals have been pre-ordered for Zunaid and Amra for the month of October
  3. I’ve bought as much as I can on my list if not everything for this baby
  4. I’m busy prepping Amra’s school schedule and home schedule for everyone here at home
  5. September I have Amra’s birthday and a family wedding so I’m busy prepping for that
  6. I still need to ensure Amra and I get to the hairdresser before 5 October
  7. And I need to finish up at work

Am I forgetting anything?


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