It started with a dream…

Before I was mommy and or even long before Exquisite Parties by Ulpha emerged, I dreamt of a fashion show and of transforming a place into a wonderland of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. I also knew that if I needed to make my dream a reality, I needed to get someone just crazy as me on board. She is my friend, my partner-in-crime and the only person who knew my craziness and understood my OCD’ness for perfection.

Lisa was only happy to jump on board. And in 2010, Glam for Good was born. Focusing on charities close to our heart, we had an amazing time. It was more than just a fashion show. It was an experience, it became a family and it became a moment that we will never forget.

We had amazing models who modeled because they wanted to and not to be paid. They gave up their time and effort all for the sake of charity and they knew why they were in it. Some of our models had their careers launched by our show and I look forward to working with so many familiar faces again or bringing new people on board. Add in Allan to refine our show and we had a dream sell-out show.

Five years later, we’re ready to celebrate with our 5th anniversary and we promise to make it better than ever. Same formula of love, fun and charity, we promise it to be a night of gorgeous, fabulous fun all for the sake of charity. The wheels of brainstorming have begun and we’ll be doing casting, worthy charities, hunting for a venue and brands who are happy to jump on board.

Since we do it with no money, it amazed us how charitable people are all for the name of those in need; and we always welcome whatever help we can receive. Our sponsors received amazing positive publicity and had a super fun evening.

Check out our last show.

If anyone would love to be part of the show or offer any services in any way, it’s happening in Cape Town on hopefully 28 November 2015.

Much love


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