I’m a blogger…and I won’t apologise for being one

Yeah, you read right… I’m a blogger… and I won’t apologise for being one. Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking “urgh some newbie rant” it’s actually not that.

You see, I’ve been blogging before Amra was even a realisation, just that time, it wasn’t a blog. Then I started blogging as “Single mom in the city” and now as “Remarried mom in the city”. But what I’ve come to realise is that the longer I blog, the more flack I have to endure. While blogging is part my therapy, I never once said in any blog post, “I’m perfect with a perfect life…” Hell, who would want such a boring perfect life. Perfection sucks! I’m wife number 3, to husband number 2 and I’m juggling life with now two kids, hoping to stay on the healthy lifestyle path while trying to blog more regular than I’d like all while tackling daily life, and all it’s unexpected curveballs it throws at me…and making sure I get to a job I love, looking a bit decent before 9am…everyday…If that’s what you see as perfection then okay…

Yes, at one point I even considered shutting down my blog altogether until one night Zunaid asked me “if someone said you can’t read and write any longer, would you listen?” And I said “hell no…” So he said “exactly, blogging is writing, and you are a writer…so ignore the white noise and write…

Fast forward to 2018 and I  still gets comments like: (keep in mind, people are now messaging or contacting my mom or addressing her in person, and telling her things regarding me such as)

  • You’re so boastful
  • You’re put your entire life on social media
  • Why did you write about that…

And other comments and flack I seem to have thrown my way on an almost daily basis by non-bloggers.

At a recent blogger meet up, I had a conversation with fellow blogger and friend Crazy Mom Journal and it was her lightening bulb comment that made say “You are so right…” She said “People have no idea why we blog or post on social media. So instead of educating themselves, they pass comments and judge us for speaking about things that so many people are so afraid to talk openly about.” And she’s right.

Through blogging, I’ve not only been granted some amazing opportunities, met some amazing people and still continuously meet amazing people and especially women, I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot; but at times, I’ve also had comments on my blog/ social media post where people say “Thank you! Your blog / post really resonated with me… Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless…” . I freaking graduated from University studying English and Linguistics so naturally I love the written and spoken word.

So to my fellow non-blogger who feels my blog or social media platforms upsets you tremendously – unfollow me or educate yourselves on seeing the bigger picture in why I, a blogger, do what I do…or just be lekker and live your best life!

To my blogging family, thank you for always being a light when I need it most


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