I want a sister…

Yes, just like that, I was bombarded with the question I’ve been dreading. The one question I wouldn’t know how to answer because it was one thing I couldn’t give her at this very moment. I’ll set the scene for you. There I was putting Amra in bed after a very exhausting day. Amra looks at me curiously and I ignore this and continue tucking her in.

Amra: Mommy, can I have a sister?

Me: Excuse me?

Amra: Hannah has a sister and Noah has a sister, so can I have a sister.

Me: Don’t you want a pony instead?

(Please note: reasoning with a 3 year old, correction, reasoning with my 3 year old is like reasoning with a brick wall)

Me (telling her calmly): Babes, I can buy you a diamond, a horse or a freaking carnival (okay, I may have exaggerated on all of these) but a baby sister is something mommy can’t get you at this moment. As much as I would love too, a baby sister, isn’t on the gift list right now it seems…

Amra (sobs): you’re breaking my heart!!!

*end of discussion*

With all due respect to my daughter, I know where she’s coming from. Kids in her class come with their siblings and parents to school events. For us, it’s just me, her and my parents; totally different picture but a happy one nonetheless. Wanting siblings is normal. I have two that I can’t imagine my life without.

Being a single mom, I’m prepared for anything, anything I can afford to get/buy her. Part of me does feel guilty that while I’m focused on her and my career, my party business and my fashion show, I do owe her a white picket fence lifestyle. I love kids and would love more but I do also feel that if it’s not in the cards, then it’s not.

Am i wrong? Any other parents experiencing this? How do you handle it?


7 thoughts on “I want a sister…

  1. I get this all the time from my son. I’ve explained to him about costs involved in raising a child (but I will share all my things mommy). This didnt work, so next was that to have a baby I need to either have someone in my life/go the medical route which also costs money (and still the questions kept coming). Then, the other options are to foster/adopt…we do have some intense conversations! Now he keeps asking me, “mom, when can we go to that place where you can adopt a baby brother/sister…” These questions have been coming at me for years!

  2. Poor you – it’s nevber easy to explain circumstances. Maybe a “some day”. I always wanted a sibling – till today – and never got one. On the other hand my 3 fight and then I have to hear how all 3 would have preferred to be an only child.

  3. Hi Ulpha

    Reading the above scares me, as I recently got divorced & have 2girls, of coz with this the 1st one is always the “Apple of the eye” & got everything right as she was the only grandchild in the house from my side & the only grandchild from the otherside…BRAT doesn’t even explain!

    Neway we’ve always wanted 3 however following 2miscarriages and after 6 years we had another one, however things happen & u just can’t account for them as there a difference between love & like, as well as my wife & my baby, neway with the split up have one & my ex has one, & now after all these years of the oldest one always having to ask for another sibling they end up growing up apart…!!! Its sad the generation we live in, then again I’m just too stubborn to admit my flaws!

    This stil leaves me @2 kids…I still want da last1, but having started my own little business,I’m also trying to jungle all together, although having to buy my kids anything, including the pony,the carnival & the diamond ring cash, it doesn’t fill the void of a family being together or having that sibling bonding!

  4. You’re not the only one in this predicament, but my reasons are different. What if you’re trying to conceive every month but you just can’t get pregnant? What if you medical funds are exhausted? Married people have these problems too. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I will only have one child.
    But I feel your pain too. Once Nicky can actually speak in full sentences I’m sure he will start asking.

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