Happy birthday Ms A!

So I haven’t really done a birthday post ever to my kiddo! I thought, since she is 7, and now able to read fluently and aloud, this blog post is all about her.

Once upon a time, when a young 24 year old wasn’t sure what was going on in her head space, she found out she was pregnant. I should’ve been in panic. I should’ve been in disarray but instead I was happy. Things may didn’t turn out white picket fence but you are by far, the best thing that ever happened to me. Every day watching you go, I’m watching this strong confident little girl with her imagination as big as eternity come up and remind me that anything is possible. For your 7th birthday you were very adamant that you wanted a girls only party. And you definitely weren’t budging. But luck was also on your side as you won an amazing prize from Dottibugs Parties & Events and all I had to do what make the rest possible.

All was needed was time for the invites to go out:

As I knew the weather wouldn’d be on our side, I chose your favorite venue, the Binnehof at the Vineyard Hotel. It is one of the few hotels who loves little guests as much as they love older guests and boy, they didn’t disappoint. The staff, service, food and hospitality was amazing. Our room was gorgeous as it was cosy.

As I know you wanted a spa party, Sparkle Parties went over and above to offer the most amazing service to the girls and they had so much fun. The 2 hostesses made the girls feel like at ease and every girl had so much fun.

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The hotel fed the tummies with yummy chicken burgers, bottomless juice and cake by Nabeelah Gallow. 

And when it was time to eventually say our goodbyes, which many of our guests weren’t quite ready to leave, I collaborated with The Pretty Hub to ensure that all Amra’s little guests, including Amra was fully ready to to face the world after their day of being treated and pampered.

What I loved about the party was that the moms could relax…even me…


And of course, you know, none of my events happen without Inspired Creative Works. So all in all, it was by far one of the most chilled out events that I’ve had in a long time.

Check out my Facebook for more of the pics!

List of suppliers:

Some more of the moments captured…because after all, girls just want to have fun…

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To Amra, love of my life, queen of my heart, while we may have celebrated your birthday early, happy birthday birthday for  the 14th September 2018.

I have mad love for you


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