Going for 3…

It’s around about this time of the year where my brain kicks into overdrive. I start planning my daughter’s party. Yes, I’m going totally mommy in this blog post but as a single mom, it’s a juggling act and a real team effort to make it happen.

Amra turns 3 on 14 September.

Everyone who knows me, think I’ve planned this way in advance. All wrong! I have ideas in my head. Finalising it is usually my problem. Luckily for me, I have the best party team who helps me make it happen.

Why do I have a team you ask – simple – so I can enjoy Amra’s party and not run around like a headless chicken ensuring everyone is all happy.

My party planner:

Meet Candice Henriques of CanDee Events – 0827747825


She’s my go-to girl who makes all my crazy visions in my head a reality. Amazing friend and amazing party planner of note.

My photographer:

Meet Allan Young of AJ Young Photography – 0822595713


Best friend and gifted photographer, who also happen to be Amra’s unofficial godfather. No one I trust more to capture my baby’s special moments.

My designer of all

Meet Nadine Botes of Nadine Creatives (her unofficial company name that i just gave her now) – 0849199324


Wonderful person as she is a creative designer. She does all my invites, tags and all things paper and so much more.

There are 3 aspects that I’m real about when it comes to my parties:

My budget:

–  Most people think planning a party costs the earth and moon – it doesn’t. Honestly be realistic about what you want but more importantly what you can afford on your budget.

–  Be original. Don’t follow what your friends are doing and don’t compete. It’s like digging a grave for yourself. Do what you can afford.

My guest list:

I understand the excitement of wanting to share your kid’s happy day with everyone. But as parents, we become so focused on entertaining the adults that we lose focus on what the real reason is what we’re really there to celebrate. It’s a kid parties.

–  My rule is: if kids aren’t allowed at adults parties then the same rule applies to adults being at kids’ parties.

–  No need for over pre-teens to be there either.

–  Besides the grandparents and 2 – 5 friends of the parents, you don’t need a ratio of 40 adults: 10 – 15 kids. If your kid is celebrating a 2nd birthday, kids over 8 don’t need to be at a kid’s party.

–  You’ll offend many people. But decide what important – your kid’s birthday or catering for adults who are more keen on the food than celebrating with your child.

–  And anyway, adults come there to eat. Kids come to kids parties to have fun

Focus on the party:

–  Really focus!

–  Make lists and then make lists again.

–  Have email confirmation of all that you need.

–  Relax, as your kid’s party can be done.

Amra is 3 this year. I can’t pinpoint her favourite shows. However, I do know that she loves to dance and sing and most of all, she loves making her presence known.

Turning 1!

Amra means princess. It’s a Persian name. So to celebrate her royal-ness, we gave her a royal tea party fitting for a princess.


You are more than welcome to check out more of her photos here.

Turning 2!

By now her personality of her likes and dislikes were very apparent. Mickey Mouse Club was the order of the day. I knew the theme song off by heart.  What could I do? Minnie Mouse party was definitely what was next.



It even got featured on Parent24.

You are more than welcome to check out more of her photos here.

And so the year of 3 is upon us. What do I have planned? For now, you guess is as good as mine. I guess we’ll just have to wait until 14 September arrives…


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