Exquisite parties by Ulpha is open for business

I’m back and it feels amazing. Last post i had, really ruffled tons of feathers. And by tons, i means backlash for weeks. But since i shared my trials and tribulations already, this year onwards will focus on the new party business i started, fashion finds, beauty finds and i’m looking forward to reviewing tons of products and places. Did i mention there will be tons of Amra posts as we go through the toddler years?

IMG_6354  10997715_10153260157356804_6744025852096907410_n11133929_10153260157226804_4749254922092434882_n

Ebrahim and i celebrated a year recently


And i was blessed to celebrate my gran’s 79th birthday with her


So thank you for welcoming me back and encouraging me to blog again.

Much love xoxo

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