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Meet the co-owner of Lokkima: Mareldia Jones

Mareldia and I met through her sister and 2 years later, I’ve made a person for life. I love our get-togethers and chats.  She introduced me to fat freezing so one thing I can definitely tell you, this business woman is more than meets the eye. She’s kind as she is driven – and the proof is in the pudding, after all, she just opened her newest Lokkima branch is the snazzy Foundry in the Cape Town CBD.  ...  Read More

Fashion and Beauty

The creator behind the brand: Opulence.Africa


With the rise of modest fashion hitting international runways, it’s impossible to open your Instagram account without being hit by some amazing local fashion gracing your screens all in bright array. While the market may have space for all, some people are just gifted in bringing in their unique flair…pretty much like a breath of fresh air and color to the market.

One such fashion brand is Opulence.Africa.

Creative genius behind the brand is Fadwa Booley Cozyn.
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