Blended family: Marlene and Andrew Louw

One of the things I’m enjoying about this blended family series is reading and learning from other families. Marlene Louw from MagicalMessyMe, shares her story

Tell me about your family?

I have a house full of boys. There’s not much laughter, hugs or kisses. I’m actually gotten use to it by now. I like that with boys there’s no snickering or cattish talk. My husband has three from his previous marriage and I have one.

How did you and spouse meet? And how long are you together?

We dated way back when I was in matric. We broke up and I never saw him again – until 2010.  We are married for seven years now.

How did the kids take the news that there are now more that will be joining the family?

They seemed happy enough.

What are the house rules?

Everyone has a chore to do. It was hectic in the beginning. I had to start from scratch to teach them stuff, like how to make a bed to picking up the toilet seat. From past experiences of cups and plates found under the beds – there’s no food eaten in the rooms. Each one of us has a turn to clean the kitchen at night.

How have you enforced the rules that are both suited to your parenting styles?

My husband works away from home quite often so we both came up with the rules. We call a meeting to share what happened and how it can be resolved.

How do you combine what is important to both of you?

We love playing board games and we sometimes go on weekends away.

What things are you doing as a family that helps the bonding process?

We try our best to support them in their hobbies or whatever they interested in.

What do guys do as a couple that keeps those romantic fires burning?

He loves me to keep him company when he fixes the cars. We get to talk about so much stuff. Our favourite thing to do is drive to the beach to have a milkshake or ice cream.

How do you ensure that everyone’s emotional needs are taken care of?

We try our best to support them in their hobbies or whatever they interested in.

How do you handle ex-spouses?

Their mom is late.

What advice would you give other newly blended families?

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Try not to be too eager. Make sure the kids hear it from their biological parent first…

It really does get easier after the 5th year…lol😅

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Thank you for sharing your story.


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