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Are they ready for winter?

It’s that time of the year again; you know the part of the year where nothing you bought your kids last winter fits because of their sudden growth spurt and them growing two clothing sizes bigger. Well, if this is your kid, I can relate. Everything I bought Amra at the end of winter sales suddenly just fits or doesn’t. My 5 year old is comfortable in size 7-8.

Being an online shopper mom has it’s perks. Amazing bargains when you need it most – and by most I mean middle of the month when payday is but a distant memory.

Browsing through my Spree app when I should’ve been sleeping, I was keen to see what they had to offer little girls. It’s really all kinds of cuteness. No crop tops and minis that I’m being bombarded with in stores, but instead real adorable clothing for little princesses. And the best part – no breaking my budget.

Their little girls’ section is just too adorable for words.

The below made it’s way into my shopping basket and I’m so happy with my purchases. Will post some pics on my Instagram account when she does rock them.

Grey snood: 99.99
Tartan pleated skirt: 159.00
Peasant dress: 189.00 (for this price – I ended up getting Amra and her best friend one as it was her birthday soon)
Navy melton coat: 299.00

As already had rider boots, all we need are some stockings, leggings and a few tops and tracksuits and we’re all ready for winter.

But do yourself a favour – head to Spree – you won’t be disappointed.



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