And a baby makes 5

We found out on our second anniversary that we’re adding to our club… And this is our story…

2018 Zunaid and I often spoke about adding to our clan but it was ‘by the way chat’ partially because we wanted both our kids to get more used to us as a new blended family and just before his 4th birthday, I just managed to get my son off the nappy, so the thought of a baby was like “dude, nappy duty again??”. Also with Amra being 7, having a baby for me seemed pretty new to me. And the result of that, I’ve become accustomed to my selfish life of having time alone with myself, with Amra alone and with Zunaid alone.

Fast forward to the end of 2018, we made our first international trip to Zanzibar, alone with no kids, and and Zunaid and I were bit by the travelling bug and ready to see more of the world. Spending 6 days in the beautiful Uroa Bay Resort, alone as a couple, was not only the best overdue honeymoon experience ever, but it was also a time where we as a couple, could enjoy each other and I realised that Zunaid is actually THE BEST travel partner ever.


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Fast forward to 2019, we got back into the swing of life. New grade for Amra, tour season was in full swing for Zunaid as soon as we landed back in Cape Town work and I was tasked with doing my brother’s and sister-in-law’s baby shower. Keeping track of my period was the last thing on my mind.

My best friend of like over 20 years was the one who reminded me that I may be late. I brushed it off as a stress hence me being late. But I think part of me knew it was bullshit. I would happily spend my days sleeping and over the last month, everything food wise that I disliked, I suddenly loved.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on 25 February and it was only as we left the amazing Life Day Spa, where we had our couples treatment, when the front manager said “Congrats on your pregnancy!” did I tell Zunaid, “dude, I’m a week late, let’s just take the test…

He looked at me oddly and said “yeah sure…”


The rest, as you can tell, is history.

Our bundle of love is scheduled to arrive on 30 October 2019.Ā Our first scan went amazing. This little one is showing no signs of hiding and Zunaid is the most involved daddy ever. He has more pregnancy apps than I do and already tells everyone “it’s a boy that’s going to look just like him…”

So this is our new adventure and definitely an unexpected blessing and adventure…


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  1. Slamat once again on your pregnancy. May the remainder of your pregnancy go smoothly and you give birth to a healthy baby inshaa allah ameen. I am not married yet and this news gives me hope that maybe I will be able to have a child past age 30

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