Amra takes on Playstation by Rush

No one and I mean no one, loves lockdown more than Amra. Getting to sit all day everyday with either a Harry Potter novel or watching something on YouTube. So imagine my shock when she was actually really excited to venture to the new Playstation by Rush. This is her day…

If you have word nerd for a child (which is absolutely nothing wrong with), you will cherish any moment they agree to venture out in the open world and get some physical exercise. Playstation by Rush (based in Kirstenhof) was the perfect solution as it’s aimed at children aged 2 to 13 and it’s a safe space where kids can be kids.

Playstation is designed to provide multisensory experiences as your children play and have fun. It is proudly tech-free and encourages active play which is critical for developmental skills, including visual and tactile stimulation, agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, upper and lower body strength, and cognitive thinking through problem-solving.

Play is so important for young children, it not only teaches them social skills but also promotes physical activity – a key factor in getting them moving and away from computer screens, tablets, and sitting at desks. Research indicates that one of the benefits of indoor play is it encourages creativity and critical thinking and of course is not weather dependant.

And one Friday, after picking her up from school, off we went…

Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by the friendliest staff. They gave us entry upon following all COVID protocol and off she went.

What I loved about the place, you will find:

  • An adventure maze with swing bridges and hidden areas to explore
  • A 4 metre rock climbing wall that will test any child’s strength and coordination as they reach for the high line course above
  • A6 metre high slides
  • A 40 metre bike pump track
  • And just for Rafa when she is ready, a little kid’s city where they play at being what they want to be.
  • And in case you’re like me, who is always looking for party ideas, there are two private rooms that can be hired for birthday parties for between 10 and 20 children, which includes being fully catered for or bring your own (keep in mind, it is halaal-friendly).
  • Hungry much? The halaal-friendly, 50-seater restaurant offers an ala-carte menu plus daily specials. This area has wide screen TVs and free wifi and is open for dinner too.

What Amra loved:

“I loved that it wasn’t super busy and I had tons of fun and I really loved the food.”

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Just an update if you’re keen on taking the kids:

Due to the current Government Covid-19 Level 2 rules, so booking is essential.

How much?

Pricing varies for peak and off peak visits and is charged per hour of play.  Monthly and annual memberships are available and there are discounts offered if a family has a meal in the restaurant.

Click here for all the details.

Looking forward to bumping into you and your kids at Playstation.


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