About me!

Where do I start… My name is Ulpha Edries Arnold. I have 10 years+ experience in the digital industry. I started out as a content producer but digital marketing, strategy and brand growth is my forte. This blog was born when I needed to vent when no one else would listen but has grown along as I have grown. It was renamed from Single mom in the city to Remarried mom in the city is my journal, my therapy and my voice in times of need.

I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, daughter, friend – I host events, struggle with weight at times, I vent but most importantly – I’m me. No fanciness, no craziness, just real me.

Fashion will always be in my blood and now that I’m married to a travel guide, we love exploring so we’re always put and about.

I do events for charity but my family and living is what I’m about.

What you may know about me: After 4 years of being divorced, I (re)married my teenage crush after 1 week of dating and we planned our wedding within 2 days. My daughter and I were joined by my husband and his son and together we have an amazing family. I love my husband and my two kids are my world.

I’m stubborn yet charming, I often have moments where people confuse my friendliness for flirtatious. Everyone’s best friend… A good and bad thing. Way too often an agony aunt. My Instagram bio reads it best: Wife. Mom. Digital enthusiast by day, blogger by night, fashion lover, stylist, hustler and event wizard all the time.