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A baby shower from the heart

I always said – “the next baby shower I give, will be the one I never got to give myself”… and this was just that

When I got asked to give my brother and sister-in-law’s baby shower, immediately my event brain switched on. Not because it was another event, but because this was special – this was for my brother and I was going to be an aunt to a little boy who I haven’t even met yet, but loved already…

You see, my event brain is very different to my mommy brain, wife brain and work brain. We’re talking excel sheets, story boards, contact lists, vendor lists and a few do-overs to looks and layout until I’m happy.

Even my own mother knows, whatever she wants, I won’t hear her or compromise because I already have it all figured out in my head; and she knows when she attends my events, she is thrilled to see the outcome, the result and is guaranteed an enjoyable experience.

That’s how much I love doing events.

And my signature to my events:

  1.  There must be something to captivate all the senses.
  2. All my events epitomise me in every single way – or as my mom puts it, “it has your signature on it, but I doesn’t know how to define it, it’s just so you
  3. My invite is never themed to my event.

And yes I do create invites because I LOVE them – creating, giving and receiving them.

This was their invite:


Because I’m expecting a little nephew, I knew I wanted hints of blue but not any shade of blue, Peter Rabbit blue,  being the focal point.

The venue: Timbuktu Book and Coffee Shop

Why this venue – well, the food is amazing. A true hidden gem in Sybrand Park, you will be surprised at what wonders they produce. Being fully halaal, this small quaint place packs a mean punch.

Rushni baby shower (112 of 149)

Rushni baby shower (16 of 149)

The theme: Peter Rabbit

Well, a book theme in a book shop. And it’s one of my favourite books ever. It’s one of those books that epitomises class and elegance and brings up fond childhood memories.

Rushni baby shower (22 of 149)

Sadly it’s the one theme, South Africa isn’t very fond of. It took me three weeks to source a teddy and on the 11th hour, the amazing owner of Chubby Bunny came to my rescue and delivered the teddy in under 24 hours. By the way, thanks Wardah Hendricks for yet again coming to my rescue.

The stationery: NutMeg Party Boxes

One of the things I love about Instagram is all the mommy bloggers and entrepreneurs i get to interact with. Meg from NutMeg Party Boxes is just of these lovely people. Her work is beautiful, her timing is impeccable and she is really so accommodating to suit her clients.

Rushni baby shower (29 of 149)

Rushni baby shower (26 of 149)

The cake: High Tea Tighty

Okay guys, I must confess – I’m not a big cake eater and I can happily skip it at events, but when it comes to the cakes of High Tea Tighty, it’s always love at first sight. I use her for all my events, and her cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. Don’t believe me, check out her Instagram page.

Rushni baby shower (5 of 149)

The favours: Angel kisses

Another mommy entrepreneur, she isn’t a fan of social media but her biscuits not only look amazing, but they taste amazing as well. I’m so glad I met her and purchased her biscuits from her.

Rushni baby shower (4 of 149)


The decor

Here I owe my thanks to two amazing decor places:

Intrigued Events and Decor provided the grass table runner – and she has so many amazing things you can hire.

Grand Style Hiring provided everything else. I love their decor selection and the pricing is on point. Also they always have the latest decor to hire which makes them a real cut above the rest.

Rushni baby shower (15 of 149)

Rushni baby shower (18 of 149)

The flowers: Carol

What if I told you guys I live in the most helpful neighborhood ever. I was looking for a florist and asked in the neighborhood whatsapp group and not even 10 seconds later, I was informed about our resident florist. She was so helpful, worked with my budget, sent me a sample and even delivered the flowers on Saturday by 8am. I just provided her with my jars.

Rushni baby shower (17 of 149)

The photographer: Shahied of Inspired Creative Works

Before my venue, theme or even date is decided, I always contact my photographer first. No event of mine, big or small, happens without him. I always tell him, I can’t imagine an event without him – for simple reasons:

  1. When the event is done and dusted, I get to see moments that I never got to see as I was too busy playing host.
  2. I’ve never met someone that can capture my family and my events the way he does
  3. I never have to say “oh this is what I want” – I trust his amazing genius eye and the results are always mind blowing…
  4. Take away the fancy decor and everything else, he gifts me something money can never buy – beautiful memories and moments captured and for that, I’m always grateful.

I would also like to thank my husband for doing all the driving around and my best friend who jumped in to help me set up when she knew I was running VERY late.

Tips for giving a great event:

  1. Breathe – your event will go off great
  2. People hate to RSVP – it’s some entitlement thing they have – it’s what they do and how they are
  3. If someone who RSVP’d walks in with an extra guest, just breathe – the more the merrier. As the host you will quickly learn not everyone understands event etiquette 101 and if it means you give up your seat to accommodate someone else, that what makes you amazing.
  4. Smile – your guests feed off your energy. Happy host, happy guests!

While everyone had an amazing time, I was warned by Zunaid, my best friend, and sister-in-law, “you are definitely doing your own baby shower for the sake of all our sanities“…

And to be honest, I really have no problem with it – I do love events after all…lol

Rushni baby shower (131 of 149)



2 thoughts on “A baby shower from the heart

  1. OMG!!! I couldn’t even read the text, I was captivated by the images!! The effort and heart you put in is so obvious. You’re clearly AMAZING at putting events together. Wow!! You brought creativity, planning, and affection for this event together so seamlessly.
    I’ve been to Timbuktu books ages ago, so I definitely need to go back soon and check out the books and of the food!

  2. Must have been such a lovely event, you are an amazing person with a huge 💓. We need more people like you. Wish we all could give others what we would want for ourselves…. Beautiful character 🤗

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