1 year later…

Hello out there…

This is rather a light piece so don’t expect anything too chaotic…More insight into what we the Arnolds, mostly Mr and Mrs Arnold have been up too…

I know it’s been a long time since we last chatted. So what have I been up too…

The anniversary

25th February we celebrated a year of marriage and man, did I learn a lot… married life is nothing from what I expected. It’s crazy fun; or as Zunaid labels it, “perks of being married to my best friend…” We’ve survived a lot and came out so much stronger. Zunaid has grown and changed and he has a list of his accomplishments for himself, for us and for our little family. I’m so proud of him. We left the drama behind and whatever people throw our way, he either will address it or we just laugh at the unnecessary of life. If you know me, you’ll know our drama but I’m over that.  I allowed 2017 to get to me, and I’ve learnt that some drama is just out of my hands. Or as Zunaid says “f&%# them”…


I started exercising

Like real exercising lol. Being lazy AF, I actually need to thank Zunaid. He dared me and he said it’s time for us to spend time more together in the evening (nicely played); and I actually ended up loving it.

The results: amzeballs

February 2018 vs April 2018


Trust me, as a working mom, I don’t always have the strength to even take off my shoes. However I am fortunate to come home from work to a clean home and a cooked meal so that part is sorted. Amra is asleep by 8pm so Zunaid and I have 8pm – 9:30pm to work out.

I love skipping and yoga and I’ll do some weights – but since after my appendix removal last year, and me not being able to do muay thai workouts any longer, I was told to take it easy – and the results – amazing, we get to have fun together and it’s just continued to strengthen our friendship and our marriage – and I’ve toned up and I’m so close of being at my weight goal of 55kg and while dropping tons of centimeters [but I’ll tell you more about that at a later stage :)].

My workout partner – yoga for 2

Check out my instagram account for more on my weightloss adventures.

I started a new job

Yay for that! Nothing like reaping the fruits of love (is that a saying??) after years of studying and sacrifices, it’s always great to grow.

While I do miss my everyone, change is as good as a holiday…

Showing some love on air

Studio time! #remarriedmominthecity #fashionaddict #mommyblogger

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Occasionally you can find me on Radio 786 on 100.4fm from 10am – 12pm talking marriage, parenting, fashion and whatever else goes.

And my love for fashion continues…

With a love for fashion stemming as far as my grandmother, my instagram account as become my mirror of my favourite looks. Have fun with fashion – life is a runway after all…

So here’s to many loves and hugs

Much love

Mrs Edries-Arnold xoxo


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